I offer consultation for helping professionals (coaches, therapist, allied healthcare professionals, healers) who are working bravely in a healthcare paradigm that is often exhilarating and challenging. This work is often rewarding and not easy. I believe providers need a place to talk about that.

Consultation focuses on both your needs as professional and as a human doing helping work. It is an opportunity to lean into support for real work, real life, with real and straightforward discussion. Consultation itself is self-preservation and burnout prevention. It is a place for honesty and vulnerability when needed. It is a place where you can show up as a whole person who wants to deepen your work in the world. Consultation builds your resilience, gives you an opportunity to hear your own voice and strengthens and extends the life and impact of your work.

Here are some of the areas where consultation can be useful:

  • Case consultation
  • Theory into practice. How do you make this non-diet, weight-inclusive approach work in dieting culture?
  • Defining your niche.
  • Building your practice.
  • Tutoring, coaching, mentoring regarding the implementation of this work.
  • Burnout and empathy fatigue prevention
  • Navigating the space between your body story and doing this work in the world. It’s complicated sometimes, especially because triggers abound, despite immersion in weight-inclusive spaces. It’s ok to waiver. It’s challenging to have to keep that to yourself. Let’s sort it out.
  • Imposter syndrome. What’s holding you back? Keeping you small?

Together we will:

Dig more deeply into yourself to recognize your uniqueness and power in your work and your strengthen your awareness of your presence in the world

Draw attention to blind spots and internal cobwebby places that are in need integration (to help you avoid hustling harder and harder)

Develop a relationship that is trusted and connected – a mirror for the work you are doing in the world

Practice radical honesty in a safe, confidential and supportive professional environment.

About me:

I believe in the power of helpers, healers and healthcare providers to change the circumstances and paradigms that impact human lives. I value real and straightforward discussion. I’m a straight shooter with a big heart. I know shame resilience and bravery in this work from the inside out.

I don’t think something is wrong with you if you struggle in your work – and I think you deserve to air those things without amplifying your guilt, shame or imposter complex. Let’s talk about it.

I’m the co-founder of Be Nourished and I have had a thriving private practice for over 17 years. I co-developed and co-lead the Certified Body Trust Provider training program and I have offered trainings for healthcare providers for over 10 years. I have developed curriculum for platforms such as e-courses and have been adjunct counseling department faculty at Lewis and Clark College. I have completed a 30-hour of training to be a clinical supervisor. I have studied online marketing with some of the best. I am a committed clinician, entrepreneur, and activist.

Also, I’m allergic to the professional mask. I want to support you in showing up to your work and our consultation as a multi-faceted person who has their human heart in their work. Your healing paradigm is going to change the world – but only if you can bring yourself along with it.

How do we start?

Complete this form and someone from my team will be in touch with you.

And lastly, extend yourself enormous gratitude. It is brave to take this leap. I’ve done it myself many times – it’s scary but not regrettable.

I am looking forward to working with you.