Mastermind Group with Carmen Cool and Hilary Kinavey
January 31 - May 9, 2018
$281.25 per month for 4 months or $1050 single payment


Working against the grain can be invigorating…

It can also be exhausting. Confusing. Lonely.

Maybe this also feels true for you:

You want to share your messages widely, powerfully and ethically but might feel sometimes unsure of how to be the most effective.

You are seeking ways to sustain yourself meaningfully in this work.

We have 2 collaborative groups to provide an opportunity to develop community, a place to receive guidance in clinical work and business consultation, and for moving forward. Together.

Group 1 will be for seasoned Health At Every Size (HAES) ® practitioners who want to deepen their ability to bring an anti-oppression lens to this weight-inclusive work.

Group 2 will be for emerging HAES practitioners who want a place to learn how to integrate this paradigm into your work, and to explore what it means for you both professionally and personally. (if you have questions about which is the right fit for you, please email Hilary or Carmen)

We will gather with the greatest intention:  to support one another’s growth so that the weight-inclusive movement thrives.

We want just this.

If every single provider in the field of body liberation and weight & food related concerns participated in this mastermind, the world would be a much better place.  I was also kind of confused about how to step into my activist shoes within the context of my clinical practice, at a time in which I was feeling isolated and lonely as a provider doing this work, and I was really hungry for conversations with people who got it. My biggest fear that I didn’t have a clue and that I would feel inadequate as an activist. This definitely did not come true. I gained so much clarity and purpose, and a more effective way to use my skills and resources that is well suited to my introverted nature. 

In thinking about my favorite part of the mastermind, I don’t even know where to begin, there were so many! . Carmen and Hilary facilitated a loving container for brave and vulnerable reflection and transformation that is so incredibly special. And as a most generous gift, they put together a learning day with the most wonderful and inspirational guest teachers who have been trailblazers in this work.

If I was recommending you to my best friend, I would say, without hesitation: you absolutely need to do this! Just jump in, trust me, you’ll thank me forever. 

Lilia Graue, MD, LMFT, Founder & Director, Mindful Eating Mexico

Here are the details for the next 4 months:  

8 mastermind meetings, 1 intensive, two 1:1 sessions, ongoing support

  • 6-8 members + Hilary and Carmen
  • 8 Mastermind meetings  (2 per month), through Zoom
  • Meetings will include presentations, discussion, case and practice consultations.
  • One all-day intensive that will include presentations from guest speakers.
  • Two one-on-one 45 minute calls: one with Carmen and one with Hilary 
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing conversation and resource sharing between meetings
  • $281.25 per month for 4 months or $1050 single payment (for a $75 discount).  You may also add an additional two 1:1 sessions with Carmen and Hilary at a discounted rate of $295.

This mastermind group is for those who:

…are healers and healthcare providers who practice with a weight inclusive lens (or who want to learn)

…want to explore the nuances of this work….see themselves as agents of change

…would find support and community nourishing

…are growing in your work, possibly building businesses your professional identity.

…are developing or strengthening a niche

…are increasingly skillful in our delivery of this work and are very hungry for more

…are committed to ending and preventing weight stigma

…want to explore a Health at Every Size(R) approach as it relates to healthism, eating disorders and social justice

…are interested in helping clients feel freedom from suffering around food and body and want to change the cultural conditions that lead to it in the first place  

Before joining the mastermind, I had some concerns that I didnt have as much experience as everyone else and that I would feel awkward and left out. 

I soon learned I had no reason to feel awkward.  Carmen and Hilary were masters at making everyone feel included and every voice was heard. They made room for everyone at the table and recognized while we might have different experiences, we all had something unique and significant to share. Hilary and Carmen had such wisdom and integrity and so the women they attracted to the group had that as well.  It was a real growth experience to get to know the different women and to leave feeling like I now have allies in this work who are just a facebook post away.  The opportunity to connect and share the highs and lows of this work was highly beneficial. 

Dont miss this opportunity to benefit from Carmen and Hilarys vast knowledge and experience.  Not only did they guide us through truthful and challenging conversations but they also exposed us to concepts and ideas that would push us out of our comfort zones, all the while being gently held and supported throughout the entire experience. 

-Elizabeth Pinney Hall                                                                                                                   


Group 1 (seasoned providers) meets from 9:30 -10:45 am PST/12:30-1:45 EST

Group 2 (emerging providers) meets from 4-5:15 pm PST/7 – 8:15 EST

Jan 31

Feb 14

Intensive Feb 24  9:00 – 3:00pm  PST/noon – 6:00pm EST

Feb 28

March 14

March 28

April 11

April 25

May 9

We are offering two groups.  You choose between the morning group or the afternoon group.  There is room for many many more voices in this work.  You are needed.  We are here to support your truth and your expression of this work.

What will happen through your participation in this experience?

You will:

  • Claim some visibility
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Deepen your skill set
  • Increase your participation in a social justice framework
  • Align your heart and mind
  • Create community
  • Strengthen your offering in the world.

You will grow.

My biggest fear about joining the group was my discomfort with opening up to new people. Carmen and Hilary created a space where everyone was welcome and invited to just be themselves, and I quickly realized I didn’t have any reason to be afraid.  There was room for sharing, questioning, and exploring, as well as room for listening and processing. Carmen and Hilary show up in such an authentic way and it really allows for other people to do the same. Being in a helping profession, we are often taught that we have to leave ourselves out of the relationship, and I really appreciated the reminder that showing up as our true selves is a large part of what allows the relationship to be helpful.

~ Rachel Millner, Psy.D.

Join us.

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Got some questions?  Email us at or

Please note: This is not a space to debate the relevancy of a weight-inclusive approach.  Questions about how to work within this approach are welcome, but we assume that those who join us in this mastermind are already onboard.

I didn’t realize how much I had been craving a community like this until Hilary and Carmen’s Mastermind came along. I wish I could talk with them every week! I can’t say enough about the brave space that was set up for us to ask questions, get guidance, recharge our batteries and push our comfort zones. I was continually learning from and inspired by those in the group. We are all different and I realized there are so many ways to lead and make a difference in this field. And don’t even get me started on the AMAZING people we got to meet during our day-long intensive! I came away with a feeling of fierce support and empowerment and how I want to continue to evolve my own voice in this work. I’m so incredibly thankful to Hilary and Carmen for creating this awesomeness! 

-Jamie E.

Who we are: 

Hilary Kinavey and Carmen Cool are trusted voices and leaders in the weight inclusive/Health at Every Size® movement. They are therapists who have built thriving private practices and are experienced group facilitators.  They are also activists, educators, and speakers who have studied business and marketing, and are working together on a book. They believe in bringing their full humanity into their work, and in using their privilege as psychotherapists to be social change agents.  In addition to being trusted colleagues, they are also friends who value truth-telling, bringing the messy human stuff into the daylight, deep reverence for the healing process that also leaves room for humor, and an abiding love of shoes and tacos.