Promoting Body Trust in Your Organization

Your organization is ready for a progressive and inclusive stance.

And you want to be known for it.

You want your organization to offer a different conversation about bodies, weight, and health, but you feel uncertain about what steps to take to be truly helpful.

You’re acutely aware of how hard it can be to work from a weight-inclusive perspective because - in addition to helping your clients do it - you have to help staff unpack their own internalized body shame and biases.

And you are afraid to do it wrong.

You definitely don’t want to contribute to the body shaming and size bias that is commonplace in healthcare settings—and it has you feeling uncertain and under-resourced when it comes to having these conversations, both with clients and staff.

You see that promoting inclusion in your work will be needed to ensure the relevancy and value of your program going forward. People seek inspiration when they come to heal and they look for organizations that can hold a vision for their healing and liberation that is bigger than they can hold in the midst of their struggle.

We are the ones who can change the culture for bodies
and make inclusion central to healing.

You must ask yourself, does our organization do this? Are we inspired by our own vision? Does our vision and treatment philosophy truly include ALL people and ALL bodies? If not, it’s time. You can do this. And we want you to know you don’t have to do it alone.

Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC and Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD are the co-founders of Be Nourished, a leading voice and innovator in the weight-inclusive care model. They are invested in supporting providers and organizations seeking change from the inside out and want to help revolutionize what we mean when we provide healthCARE and healing work. Over the past 13 years, we have developed the language and philosophy of Body Trust® to help people develop a resilient foundation for living in a weight-biased world.

Our Body Trust approach is a strengths-based, trauma-informed, scientifically grounded model of care informed by shame resilience theory, social justice movements, and self-compassion while working from the principles of Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size®. We train conscious and compassionate providers who want to support people in finding a way to truly heal and move towards a compassionate, sustainable form of weight-neutral self care. In its simplest form, Body Trust is a way out of the predictable, repetitive pattern of dieting, disordered eating and weight cycling that is fueled by body shame. Body Trust is a weight inclusive healing modality that radically revises our cultural ideals about what it means to live in and occupy a body.


I believe in a future world that is more just and compassionate, where health professionals feel confident in their skills to support and motivate others in self-care and managing the injustice. My confidence comes in part from knowing that Dana and Hilary are providing trainings for helping professionals. I look forward to watching our community grow as a result.

- Linda Bacon, Ph.D. Author of Health at Every Size®

Body Trust is...

Promoting Body Trust in Your Organization is a training opportunity that will help your organization explore the how and why of a weight-inclusive model of care through a facilitated learning experience. The potential for your organization to increase your efficacy and inclusion for all bodies while broadening your appeal is limitless (if you are willing to rise with the tide).

This training will:

equip your staff with the knowledge base, language, and practical resources to challenge weight stigma;
connect the dots between weight stigma and negative health outcomes;
support people in moving towards Body Trust and weight-neutral self-care.

Promoting Body Trust in Your Organization works like this…


Staff receive receive access to our beloved 30-day e-course Promoting Body Trust in Your Work. This program consists of 24 content-rich emails each of your staff members will receive over the course of 30 days (6 days on, 1 day off) along with access to a comprehensive resource center all with the intention of introducing you to the growing body of work supporting the body liberation movement. Read more about the content of the course here.


Management will receive a Leader’s Guide to help lead facilitated discussions about the material (as well as encourage participation).


Add the option of facilitated, personalized training with Dana & Hilary via Q&A conference calls and/or a one-day retreat. More on this later.

What does it cost?

Pricing for the course is based on your number of participants…

$179 per person for groups of 5-9 people
$169 per person for groups of 10-19 people
$149 per person for groups above 20 people

In addition to the 30-day e-course and leader’s guide, you have the option to add staff time with Hilary and Dana:

Two hour Q&A call is an additional $1000

Facilitated retreat for up to 25 staff for $7000 (inclusive of travel)

 Individual purchaseOrganizational / Group
30-day e-course
Resource page
Community call
Facilitator’s guide
Bonus worksheets
Optional add ons for your organization

We desperately need the reflections and work of curious and compassionate practitioners who have clarity around what’s happening in the culture, and the skills to guide us back towards each person’s inner wisdom.
If you have ever struggled to support a client in your practice, been at a loss for words how to help, and you have wanted a training program to teach you competence in this field in an inclusive and welcoming way, then you will love this program. Hilary and Dana are skilled teachers, with the kind of congruence and integrity that is trustworthy and inspiring.
Doing this brave and necessary work will teach you how to support your clients to belong more fully in their bodies and thus to live more fully in the world.

- Carmen Cool, MA, LPC, Former President of ASDAH

Promoting Body Trust® in Your Organization

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