The People’s Yoga: Hilary Kinavey


Be Nourished’s own, Hilary Kinavey, was recently featured in popular P-town yoga studio, The People’s Yoga blog. Check it out!

Life changes how much I show up for yoga formally (in the studio and on the mat) but there is a piece of yoga that lives in me now. Like a part of my anatomy. The cultivated curiosity, patience with self, learning to roll with the unknown is a part of how I show up for myself now most days.

HK YogaHow long have you been practicing?

I started practicing 10 years ago when there was a yoga studio literally across the street from my apartment. I rolled out of bed and into the studio 4 mornings a week (read: no kids, single).  I liked the challenge of the asana practice, but I loved that yoga gave me a neutral space to quietly find a more neutral, less pressured way for me to be with myself.

Why did you start?

I started at a time in my life that was expanding and deepening, and yoga helped me hold space for that. I was self-employed as a therapist, and I was starting my business, Be Nourished ( I didn’t exactly know what I was doing except following my heart. Yoga provided such an amazing metaphor and practice space for that journey.

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