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Dear Dana and Hilary,

I love your work because it puts so much of what the culture says about body image for women on its head. I am a nurse/health coach at a hospital system in Bend Oregon and we work off of biometrics with clients. Your website and articles helps me nudge them in new directions and most particularly in breaking the cycle of internal violence and creating an empathic space for them to see and hold themselves.

You have inspired me to speak my truth and to continue to question norms with my clients again and again. This is purely a letter to let you know that you have inspired me and with that countless clients whose needs for self-love are beginning to be met. I refer them to your website and classes frequently.


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I came to Be Nourished because it was obvious that my old way of doing things wasn’t working. Although I had quit dieting about two years before and tried to focus on a way of living that was more body positive, it wasn’t working. I felt like I needed support.

Much of my weight gain and general lack of health came from years of depression and eating to stuff my feelings.  Because of the work I had done before, I was aware of this, but felt completely incapable of doing anything about it! One of the things that surprised me about the process was just how little hope I had in ever being able to change. And that kept coming back during the class – I had to deal with it over and over again.

One thing that I would say to someone who is just starting is that it isn’t easy. You’ll need to be patient. Don’t come into No More Weighting like we often do with diets – excited, sure that this is going to be the magic bullet and (even though NMW doesn’t focus on weight loss) hoping we’ll be thin in no time. Please don’t be discouraged by my saying this. The class is well worth it, but it can be difficult and changes don’t happen overnight, certainly not during a six week course.  The process is your own, and yes, you may gain weight. I did, but once I got the hang of things, it started coming off again. So don’t panic. Stick with your process and be gentle with yourself.

The one phrase I keep repeating to myself over and over again is, “weight-neutral body care.” I want to take good care of my body – this poor body that I’ve been abusing for 45 years, when she’s been so faithful and strong. I’m learning to focus on my physical and mental health and to make small changes I feel good about: switching out ice cream for fruit when my sweet tooth is raging, and going back to dancing and hiking instead of trying to make myself go to a gym. It’s amazing how just one small victory can make me feel so powerful. Focusing on those positive changes keeps me from giving up.

I like this quote from The Neverending Story, by Michael Ende (edited for length):

“I did everything wrong,” he said. “I misunderstood everything…”

Dame Eyola gave him a long look. “No,” she said. “I don’t believe so. You went the way of wishes, and that is never straight. You went the long way around, but that was your way.”

After a short silence she added: “But every way that leads there is the right one.”


No More Weighting: An Exploration of Body Trust® Wellness (6-week e-course)

Revolutionary work…so true. I am much more aware of the self talk that gets the cycle going in myself, and have found that I am able to step back and realize that I don’t have to join in, and don’t have to allow it to ruin my day. I do want to change the world…for everyone. Thank you for this course, and for the work you are doing!!


Hi Dana & Hilary, I’d really like to thank you guys. I accidentally stumbled across your website in October, the day before one of your no more weighting courses was going to start. On a whim, I signed up for it, which now I realize had to be fate or some kind of kismet. You guys won’t ever know how badly I needed to hear everything your course had to say, or how much it has changed my entire life. I don’t feel that I’m somehow wrong anymore, or that I’m in a body that I need to be at war with. And now that I’m learning to be free of that war, I am trying to spread the word to everyone, because I can finally see that there’s no wrong way to have a body. Thank you a million times over, I never would have been free without you guys!


I thought I would have lost weight.  I thought I would be a different person. I thought that it would be easy. All that in 6 weeks.  But instead it is much better.
I have no clue what my weight is.
I am aware of my body.
I have a glimpse of what it means to be hungry and full.
I am a beautiful person.
Just as I am.
It is ok to take up space.
I am on a journey.
Thanks for the nudge!


Be Nourished is a warm and inviting place. The program has forever changed the way I look at food and my life.


The 5 Core Competencies opened up my eyes to how pervasive/invasive my dieting mind is on all areas of my life. I liked the metaphor of this program as a Practice such as learning an instrument. I choose to be “learning the cello” – it has a curvaceous shape, is grounded, requires the player to use their whole body to play, and the legs to be open — this can be both vulnerable and powerful! Today I will pause and Respect my Body.


I thought my relationship with food would shift as I became more healthy or spiritual, which it did but it wasn’t a lasting shift. I am discovering a whole inner world that I have spent a lifetime running from and I’m so grateful to be here. It’s new and sometimes very uncomfortable but it’s also joyous and exhilarating.


Dana and Hilary expertly and concisely introduce students to a whole new way of looking at their world…relationships, work, play, life goals… all in short, clear lessons that you will look forward to each day.


This is, for me, the best program out there. It literally saved me from the destruction of myself and gave me freedom. I am a happy person again.


Thank you so much! This is the most amazing course and the hardest…. I’m on the path, it will take along time, but I feel like I am just beginning to come home. You two women are so inspiring!


This course was the beginning of a revolution for me. It started me on a journey that has completely changed my relationship with my body and with myself. I highly recommend this experience in coming home to yourself. What a wonderful way to begin 2018!


Exploring Body Trust (14-week group)

Out of all of my self-care endeavors throughout my life, this workshop has been the most rewarding.


This group allows you to move at your own pace and discover yourself on your own. It’s not scary and doesn’t feel overwhelming or forced. It’s a very natural progression to recovery, discovery and self-compassion/love. I strongly recommend this group to women of all ages, shapes and sizes, whether it be for disordered eating or just to get more in touch with yourself. It’s definitely worth it and could be beneficial for all.


This is, for me, the best program out there. It literally saved me from the destruction of myself and gave me freedom. I am a happy person again.


Going through Body Trust Wellness has transformed my relationship with food, my body, and myself. I would recommend it to anyone who is tired of how things are now and want things to change for the good in the future.


I am so thankful for the Body Trust Wellness program. To have found a space with women who understand, listen, and share their struggles has been invaluable.


This group has been informative, supportive, and very helpful. I feel like I’m reconnected to myself and ready to better care for myself. Thank you for all you’ve offered.


Be Nourished is a warm and inviting place. The program has forever changed the way I look at food and my life.


I loved the group!  I came away with some valuable tools.  I look forward to working with you all in the future.  Thanks again for being here!


Dana & Hilary are skilled facilitators who can work with participants at all different levels, experiences, etc. They can manage someone like me who’s been doing therapy & group work for years right along side someone who’s exploring these issues for the first time.


Practicing Body Trust (8-week group)

Be Nourished creates a safe environment for me and others to explore the steps toward self-acceptance. Thank you!


Be Nourished is a place where you can be authentic, and benefit from connecting with individuals who share the journey of awakening to greater mindfulness


I appreciate all of your support with unlearning the diet mentality and that there’s nothing wrong with my body… learning self-care. I love you gals!


The Daring Way™

Signing and showing up to this group at all felt pretty daring for me. Then we wrote our first permission slips to ourselves, learned about empathic listening, and treaded into the thought-provoking exercises in the company of others. At some point I realized weren’t just learning about vulnerability and shame resilience; in small and monumental ways, we were being vulnerable, together, and building courage to do it beyond the walls of Be Nourished in the everyday moments of our lives.


The Embodied Practitioner (Training)

This was exactly what I needed: A safe place to explore my own insecurities, doubts, and challenges as a practitioner in the field of eating disorders. I have more to give my clients as a result.


This should be called the “emboldened practitioner” or the “empowered practitioner” in addition to “embodied”. I leave feeling invigorated and validated.


This should be called the “emboldened practitioner” or the “empowered practitioner” in addition to “embodied”.   I leave feeling invigorated and validated.


I had the absolute privilege of participating in Be Nourished’s Embodied Practitioner training for our staff at Opal: Food+Body Wisdom. Hilary and Dana do an excellent job of immediately creating a safe environment for practitioners to slow down and tune into their body, allowing for increased self-awareness. Their authenticity and humility in combination with their experience and giftedness provided an experience of learning and connection both to our own selves and connection to each other. I would highly recommend therapists give themselves the gift of this training.

– Kara Bazzi, LMFT, CEDS, Clinical Director at Opal: Food+Body Wisdom

Expect to be vulnerable and to learn even more than you thought you could. 🙂


They (Dana & Hilary) are brave pioneers who show up with their whole selves to the training, which invites others to do the same.


As a massage therapist for the last 14 years, I’ve taken a lot of continuing education. Most of those seminars gave me very specific tools and methods for helping very specific challenges. Helpful, for sure, but The Embodied Practitioner seminar was different. Rather than providing step by step instructions on how to heal this or fix that, Dana and Hilary thoughtfully pieced together a holistic experience that presented well rounded concepts to explore and opportunities to unearth fresh perspective. In the two and a half days we spent with them, it was obvious just how carefully and thoughtfully they chose the ideas and information that they laid out in front of us. They not only were very purposeful in choosing the physical space at Breitenbush for its calming and healing effects, but their choice to intentionally set a safe space in every other way possible created a powerful and long lasting impact. Dana and Hilary and their well balanced presentation of this seminar gave me what other seminars never have – freedom, permission and perspective. Freedom to explore and decide what is true for me and my body. Permission to let go of having to have the “right answer”. And perspective to understand keeping one’s eyes continually open in awareness is always better than shutting them tightly in fear.


Health at Every Size® in Clinical Practice (Training)

Thought provoking, challenging, re-imagining of weight, food and health.

John Holtzapple, MD

What Motivates Change? Translating Theory Into Practice (Training)

I think this was a very useful training for any practicing medical provider wanting to help patients create deeper, sustained change.


As Public Speakers

Hilary and Dana presented at our Diversity conference and this is a great movement!! What would happen if we all loved our bodies!!? What a new concept!!!