Our Manifesto

Image of The Be Nrousiehd Manifesto image that is a collage of statements with nasturtium flowers scattered throughout (with Be Nourished logo at bottom). The statements include:  We believe body liberation is a vital part of creating a fair, just, and equitable world.  We believe body trust is your birthright.  We believe weight bias, body oppression and health disparities make caring for your body difficult and that your suffering is not your fault.  We believe nobody wins when we see a healthy body only as a thin one.  We believe you are not required to pursue health to be deemed worthy of love, respect or belonging.  We believe hypervigilance regarding food, weight and health is harming people in significant and profound ways.  We believe your coping is rooted in wisdom and that your body story will reveal the path to freedom.  We believe healing your relationship with food and body is a vital part of feeling whole.  We believe amazing things happen when you turn towards your body and listen with kindness and curiosity.  We believe a powerful shift occurs when we do things for and with the body as opposed to to and on the body.  We believe pleasure is a force essential to healing and liberation.  We believe it is possible to develop the resilience needed to live compassionately in a weight-biased world.  We believe people who are willing to view bodies through a compassionate and inclusive lens will change the world for everyone.

To download and print a copy of our manifesto please click here (en Espanol click here).