Body dissatisfaction, dieting and disordered eating harm us in significant and profound ways. We lose confidence in our ability to make good choices for ourselves and turn to so-called experts to tell us what, when and how much to eat and exercise. Over time, trust in ourselves and our bodies is destroyed and we end up feeling more disconnected from our own experience. It is possible to regain the trust you had when you were born into the world so that your body becomes a safe and welcoming place to live again. Our programs are designed to help you lose the weight of body shame and create the change you seek from a deeper place. After eight years of deep listening, learning, and working at Be Nourished, we’ve identified five core competencies that are the foundation of Body Trust® Wellness:

Practice weight-neutral self-care: Many of the behaviors we adopt in the name of weight loss are not sustainable over time because they do not honor all of us – our emotional, physical, spiritual and relational health. Research shows that lasting behavioral change and movement toward a natural weight range is much more likely to occur through ‘self-care,’ rather than the self loathing, body dissatisfaction and fear that motivates people to diet. Shift your focus toward the development of sustainable, weight-neutral self-care practices that are flexible to meet the demands of your changing life.

Eat intuitively: Can you imagine choosing to eat for and from your body instead of trying to follow the constantly changing rules of the dieting mind? Eating the “right” way can leave you feeling deficient in satisfaction and pleasure.  Eating from your head, without consulting your body, leads to great disconnection from the intelligence of all your hungers and appetites. Eating in attunement with your body returns you to your innate wisdom, making you feel at peace with your food choices again. We invite awareness, not perfection, and see each eating experience as an opportunity to learn and practice.

Move your body joyfully: EVERY body benefits from regular physical activity, regardless of size. In fact, research consistently shows that fitness, not fatness, is what matters most when it comes to health. Disconnect your motivation to move your body from your size, shape and weight, let go of your ideas of what counts, and focus on how an activity makes you feel. Root movement in loving-kindness and gentle expectations, and let it be a path to respecting and connecting to your body again. If you don’t like doing the activity, then it’s not for you. Apply the pleasure principle, get moving, and find more energy and joy in your life as a result.

Nurture self-compassion: Your relationship with food and your body has been a way of coping. Coping is rooted in wisdom. When you are able to understand that personal struggle is part of the experience of being human, you are more able to speak your truth, move away from shame, and act in the interest of your own well-being. When you have compassion and empathy for others, you feel warmth, caring and act kindly towards them. The same can happen when you increase compassion for yourself. It is in this space of acceptance that the capacity for change increases, and your relationship to your body and yourself begins to feel different.

Redefine success: No longer will you have to measure your worth and your progress by the number on the scale or the size of your jeans. Discover more meaningful markers of your health and wellness–reduced body hatred, increased trust with food, more satisfaction and joy in your life and feeling more confident in your own skin. Imagine that!