Online Weekend Retreat

A three-day online weekend retreat with daily workbooks, journaling prompts, recommended reading, and videos to support your retreat experience.
August 13-15

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No More Weighting:
The Body Trust® E-Course

Have you ever wondered what might be possible
if you were able to trust your body again?
Hint: Everything.

Starts August 23

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Beyond Body Positivity Webinar:
Adding Fatness to Your
Intersectional Lens

Together we will examine biases around fatness and size discrimination through cycle of socialization, explore diet culture, and decouple healthism and fat bias.

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The Body Trust® Project:
A School for Unlearning
(Online Program)

Healing isn’t linear and it’s not a one-shot deal. It is a continual unravelling. And an unlearning of patterns that have been used to help you survive. This is an invitation to continue your process in community and with ongoing support.

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Reclaiming Body Trust® Retreat

A retreat for the person ready to move
beyond diet culture, unravel tiresome patterns,
and regain connection with their bodies.

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Promoting Body Trust® in Your Work

Talking about weight stigma in healthcare settings is hard.
Your education didn’t cover how to have the
hard conversations…
so how do you help your clients heal
body shame in a weight-biased world?

Self-Paced E-Course

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Promoviendo Confianza Corporal® en Tu Trabajo (Curso Electrónico)

Tu educación no cubrió cómo tener las conversaciones difíciles - así que ¿cómo ayudas a tus clientes a sanar la vergüenza corporal en un mundo sesgado con respecto al peso?

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Motivational Interviewing Training for Weight-Inclusive Care Providers

A person-centered, guiding method of communication and counseling to elicit and strengthen intrinsic motivation for positive health behavior change.

Starts September 1st

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Body Trust® Provider Certification
Training Program

This is your invitation to help bring a radically
compassionate healing paradigm into the world.

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Freeing The Body Narrative

Explore theories of embodiment and learn how to use narrative approaches to help people reclaim Body Trust®.

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