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It’s March in the Pacific Northwest. That month that straddles winter and spring and feels a little like both on any given day. The daphne bush in front of our office is in full bloom and greeting our visitors with its sweet scent. Daffodils are popping up in front yards and highway dividers. The early blooming cherry trees are bursting with delicate pink and white flowers and it’s rainbow season, when we get sunshine and showers all at once. And who knows? We may even get more snow before winter fully recedes for this year. As we come out of winter hibernation, we want to share some tidbits around the web that have been inspiring us lately.

Two of our Be Nourished Certified Body Trust® Providers were recent guests on Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison. Rachel Milner spoke about Diet Culture and Hidden Anorexia and Kristy Fassio was interviewed about Binge Eating Recovery and Intuitive Exercise. We highly recommend you listen to these incredible women as they share their wisdom with the world.

Your Fat Friend speaks truth to power in one of their latest pieces,“I’m body positive as long as you’re not obese.” “There’s a power dynamic that comes with people who call my body obese. It hides otherwise naked disdain behind a gossamer thin veil of medicine, legitimating the bullying and lecturing that will inevitably follow.”

Virgie Tovar has once again hit the nail on the head with her spot on column Take The Cake: 8 Clues Your “Lifestyle” Is Actually A Diet (& Why It’s Gaslighting).

“The labor of controlling how you eat never stops feeling like labor. It’s true that habituation can make physical actions feel more effortless over time, but eating isn’t just an action — it’s a human instinct.“Lifestyle” is invoked to create a sense of permanence — with the added benefit of deniability. But at the end of the day if any program, ideology or set of behaviors has certain characteristics it’s a diet.“

Opal Food+Body Wisdom, an eating disorder treatment center in Seattle, Washington that uses a HAES(R) approach, has a new podcast called The Appetite, “A podcast that asks for more from life in relation to food, body, and mental health.”

Joslyn Smith, Director of Policy and Government Affairs for BEDA wrote An Open Letter to Oprah about Weight Watchers that says so much that needs to be said.  “Weight Watchers, since its inception in 1963, has promised a new day — a slimmer body, a toned physique, control. As someone personally invested in the company’s success, you are perpetuating the lies being sold.”

We are loving Keala Settle’s performance of ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman at the 2018 Oscars. It’s so wonderful to see a woman in a larger body dance, and take up space for a place of deep embodiment while singing “I’m not scared to me seen, I make no apologies this is me!” Her backup dancers are pretty amazing too!

May we be reminders—each for the other—that the path to Body Trust® is a fiercely compassionate one.


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