Nourishing Bites


There was a lot that touched our hearts in the past month. Perhaps most of all was the #StopTheShame campaign last week launched by The Association for Size Diversity. They teamed up with Women’s Health magazine to address the inherent shaming practices in our overall health care system.

Here are some of the submissions from the #StopTheShame campaign that caught our eye:

The Time Has Come: #StopTheShame with ASDAH and Women’s Health Magazine

Fat, Health, And Being An Advocate With Your Doctor

The Expert Stance
(from yours truly, Hilary Kinavey)

And here are a few others not associated with the campaign but were no less wonderful!

5 Tips for Dealing with a Fatphobic Doctor

13 Stunning Photos Reveal What Happens When Gender Non-Conforming Kids Have Their Own Space

I Love My Daughter, I Bless My Daughter

Junkfood Science: News Women Can Use
(note: this article is from 2007 but is still very informative and helpful!)

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