Nourishing Bites

The sidewalks and car windshields outside our office are littered with fallen cherry blossoms. Barely-green leaf buds are unfurling along tree branches against pearl-gray skies. Yesterday afternoon we had rain and sun and hail and sun again, all within the space of a few hours. There was probably a rainbow somewhere. And yes, there was snow in the valley the first week of Spring in Oregon. We’re here for it all. Taking it in. Turning our faces to the sun and the rain and taking shelter when we need to. There are a few things that have been popping up around the web over the last couple of weeks that we wanted to share with you. Some of it is work of our own, and some of it is the work of others. We hope some of these tidbits speak to you and offer you some kind of nourishment.

Anna Chapman, our business manager and the founder of Body Love Yoga, was interviewed on the BodyLove Project Podcast where she talked about “how she developed Body Love Yoga, how ableism in the yoga and fitness industry is rooted in the patriarchy, and how to get comfortable taking up space in this world.”

We’re excited to see so many great names and faces (including some of our Certified Body Trust® Providers) featured in the Diversity Is A Good Thing: 80+ Eating Disorder & Body Image Providers & Activists. This is a new project by Three Birds Counseling that is seeking more names and submissions. Know someone who should be on the list? Information for submitting profiles is on the site.

We’re really excited about the upcoming app called Allgo, “a review platform where people of size—and the people who love us—rate the comfort and accessibility of places…from restaurants to theaters and gyms to airlines.” A lot of fantastic fat folks like Roxane Gay, Tess Holliday, Jes Baker, Saucye West, Substantia Jones and other leaders in the fat liberation movement are getting behind their Kickstarter that’s going strong with over $17k raised. They still need more contributions to make this “Yelp for fat accessibility” a reality.  

Hilary and Dana were both featured on podcasts recently. Hilary spoke about the foundational roots of Body Trust with the Gürze/Salucore Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue Podcast and Dana talked about radical dietetics on the Body Kindness Podcast.

Finally, we can not get over these incredible crocheted sculptures of ‘big women’ by Russian artist and sculptor Yulia Ustinova. We hope you enjoy their untamed beauty as much as we do.

Our next round of No More Weighting, our beloved Body Trust e-course, will begin May 14th. We’ll email when registration is open.

May we be reminders—each for the other—that the path to Body Trust® is a fiercely compassionate one.


With love,