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At Be Nourished, we believe YOU get to define the terms for how you live your life, and we believe in healing your relationship with your body and with food. We're all born with trust and connection to our bodies, but along the way, this trust is corroded by painful, frustrating cultural messages and expectations.

We want you to know that this is not your fault, and we've created lots of resources to help you begin to rebuild that trust and tune in to your inner wisdom.

We believe everyone is entitled to the freedom to live in their body as it is, without shame, stigma, blame, or bias.

Body Trust is Your Birthright Magnet

Dive into 15 years of blog content covering topics ranging from body liberation, body trust, shame resilience, and intuitive eating to fashion, creativity, and joyful movement.

Image of The Foundations of Body Trust with sections that read: Honor your self-preservation practices Work the edges of your comfort zone Look with kindness and curiosity Go for a C- in this work Locate yourself and widen the lens Find community and share your process Body Trust logo at bottom (anatomical heart surrounded by nasturtium flowers and the website)

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