Mine for Strengths

Motivational interviewing is a strengths-based model. We seek every opportunity to affirm, compliment, and reinforce the client’s past successes and future hopes, their efforts to change things, and their humanity, character and spirit as a fellow human being.

We recently heard this story about a Florida special education teacher who spends 10 minutes at the start of each day affirming his students. He says, “Instead of focusing on deficits, I focus on talents” and he has seen their confidence and self-worth skyrocket, which is exactly what happens when we affirm our clients.

Mine for strengths. Acknowledge the efforts people are making to change things. You will see something in them begin to blossom.



trainingtopThe Be Nourished Training Institute provides training and support in the Art and Science of Behavior Change Counseling. We know the conversations that occur between health care providers and their clients are powerful ones, capable of supporting or inhibiting the innate change process that is alive in all of us. We also believe helping professionals do the work they do because they want to be agents of change. Our institute, which is grounded in the empirically validated treatment modalities of Motivational Interviewing and Health at Every Size® can help you create well-balanced, meaningful relationships with your clients.