Motivational Interviewing Training for Weight-Inclusive Care Providers

Online Training Series
Wednesdays, 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. PDT, April 20 to May 18, 2022


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Five, 2.5 Hour Sessions

Session 1: MI Spirit, Theories & Principles

Session 2: The Art of Listening Well

Session 3: Eliciting Change Talk

Session 4: Eliciting Change Talk continued

Session 5: Putting It All Together

All sessions will be recorded so you can listen again and again. You’ll be able to experiment with key concepts and practice core skills between sessions, share successes and challenges, and receive support from a group of like-minded clinicians.

CEUs Availabe
(11.25 NASW, 11.25 CDR)
When people become disillusioned with the traditional weight paradigm and come to weight-inclusive care providers to explore alternatives to diet culture, they show up with a lot of ambivalence. The conversations between helping professionals and their clients are powerful ones, capable of supporting or inhibiting the innate change process that is alive in all of us. Relying heavily on the sharing of research, information and advice to “convince and persuade” people to choose Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size®, or Body Trust® does little to help people change. Motivational Interviewing is a person-centered, guiding method of communication and counseling to elicit and strengthen intrinsic motivation for change. This five-week online program will build on concepts over time and offers:
♦ A common-sense approach for supporting people in making meaningful, lasting changes in their lives
♦ Lively discussions to deepen understanding of the paradox of change and the spirit of Motivational Interviewing
♦ Practice activities for skill building using breakout rooms
♦ A combination of principles, skills, and strategies to help strengthen people’s commitment to change and increase the likelihood of change.


STANDARD PRICING (for those who have sufficient resources and can cover themselves):
or $550 with one 50-minute Individual Consultation/Coaching Session with Dana

EQUITY PRICING (for those with marginalized identities and those in need; limited to 25% of registrants):
$175 or $250 with one 50-minute Individual Consultation/Coaching Session with Dana

STANDARD PLUS PRICING (for those who have enough resources to cover themselves and donate to increase access for marginalized folks and those in need):
or $625 with one 50-minute Individual Consultation/Coaching with Dana


"This training taught me to drop my agenda, and really get curious about my clients, and their stories. I'm listening with all my senses now, and with more presence than ever before. It has changed the way I approach conversations with everyone in my life. I'm so grateful for the chance to learn from Dana in this work." ~CS

"We were so excited to have Dana back for MI training again! I have told people repeatedly over the years that Dana's trainings with us were the most valuable con ed I have ever done. It has not only helped my patients stay through plan of care, see value in PT and their own efforts, but it has improved my provider experience and decreased my sensations of burnout by ensuring the patient takes ownership in care. I’m so grateful for the great work and the help Dana has provided me over the years!" ~JD

"Thank you so much for this training. I cannot express how valuable I'm finding it. I appreciate the thoughtful approach Dana took in delivering the training through the use of the handouts, Powerpoint slides, 1:1 practice, videos, etc." ~LR

"Thank you for such a fabulous and well thought out course. I have a long way to go, but am grateful for the opportunity to learn so much in re: to motivational interviewing. I am realizing how often it is used in my everyday life, in addition to work life. Dana has such a wealth of knowledge on the subject and it was a pleasure to learn from her. "~JR