Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC

The stories in our lives happen at the intersection of identity, belonging and voice. We benefit from having a place to be heard, seen and believed so that integration between our hearts, minds and spirits is possible. My role as a counselor is to support a process of healing that is inherently within you and to support you in becoming your own wisest healer. I believe in your wholeness, your wisdom and in the part of you that cannot be replicated.

I am a licensed professional counselor, facilitator, teacher, speaker and writer. I co-founded of Be Nourished have had a thriving private practice for over 17 years. I have specialized in chronic dieting, disordered eating, body acceptance, trauma, anxiety & depression. As a counselor, I place an emphasis on developing insight, embodied awareness, and empathy for self. My work holds a social justice lens and will include acknowledgement of the role stigma, oppression and related traumas have contributed to your sense of wellness, safety and well-being. My focus in individual work has been on making life bearable, and then going further to make life into an expression of all that you are here to express. I am highly respectful of each individual’s own process in counseling. My style is warm, casual and down-to-earth.

I have pursued additional post-graduate training in workshop facilitation and mind-body coaching. I am also a certified Daring Way facilitator based on the research of Brene Brown. In addition to counseling and consulting, I am a trainer, group and workshop facilitator, writer and activist.

Work with me?

I offer:

Individual Counseling and Coaching- I maintain a small private practice for individual counseling and coaching. I am able to bill insurance directly as an out-of-network provider for in-person counseling services only. Package rates are available for those of you paying out of pocket. Please email me at hilary@benourished.org to inquire about my current availability.

Consultation: I offer individual and group consultation to health-care professionals, coaches and healers and individuals learning about a weight-inclusive healing paradigm. Read more about my services and approach.

Trainings in shame resilience, disordered eating and a weight-inclusive approach to helping are available to organizations and professional groups.

Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD

My business cards say “nutrition therapist” because it is a much better description for how I work with people. Most of my clients know way too much about nutrition, and I’m a health care provider that recognizes that knowledge is not enough to change behavior. If you meet with me, we’ll focus first on healing your relationship with food, because that provides a solid foundation for developing sustainable health practices. We’ll get you out of your head and back into your body so you can start to rely on your body’s cues to tell you what, when, and how much to eat. We’ll increase your awareness of how your thoughts and feelings affect the choices you make every day, and we’ll listen with kindness and curiosity.

After working as a dietitian in traditional weight management for seven years, I started to feel uncomfortable focusing on weight since the most consistent effect of weight loss at two years is weight gain. And it didn’t seem to matter how much weight people lost, they still didn’t like the size or shape of their bodies. So I started incorporating the mindfulness and self acceptance practices of yoga (I’m a yoga teacher) into my conversations with people about food, body image, health and weight. Around this time, I discovered the philosophy of Health at Every Size® and the principles of Intuitive Eating.

My current practice is weight-neutral. I’m not for weight loss and I’m not against it. I advocate for compassionate, weight-neutral self-care, and I trust your body to sort out the weight question itself.

My approach is really about trying different, not harder, so that you can feel much, much better about it all.

Sessions are also offered via phone or videoconference for those who live outside of the Portland Metro area or for those that just works better for.

As an added bonus, if you meet with me in person, you’ll likely meet my French bulldog Bosco.

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