Julie Westlin-Naigus, MA, LPC

Julie graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Professional Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis and certificate in Eating Disorders. Julie offers an array of therapeutic practices that range from somatic therapies, body-mind connection, interpersonal relations, and emotion-focused therapy.  In addition to working with eating disorder clients in partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment as a therapist, Julie has also developed yoga programs for eating disorders and is the founder of Yoga for Bigger Bodies. Julie fosters acceptance and trust with each client and helps each individual open to their full potential. Please call or email first to schedule an appointment.

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503-288-4104, ext. 3

Kai Marie Snell, LPC

Kai is an Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor with extensive experience working with women challenged by eating disorders and body image concerns. She holds a MA in Art Therapy Counseling, a BA in Human Studies and a certificate in American Sign Language Interpreting. For the past several years she has combined her love for movement, dance and creativity with her therapeutic practice. Kai cultivates her own practice of personal growth, inner exploration and healing through Vipassana Meditation, authentic movement, yoga, visual arts and ongoing community involvement. To download Kai's new client intake form please CLICK HERE. New clients please call or email first to schedule an appointment.

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503-288-4104, ext. 5

Nuria Gomez, MA, LMFT

Nuria is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Oregon and California where she has had the privilege to work with diverse populations of children, families and adults. She holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. She supports individuals who are experiencing chronic illness or pain, anxiety, depression, and transitions in their health to become more embodied and empowered in their lives. Nuria works with individuals to look at their whole life as contributing to their mental and physical well-being. She connects to each person where they are, using body-oriented and talk-based approaches that cultivate mind-body connection, stress-management, self-love and acceptance and enriched interpersonal relationships. If you are interested in working with Nuria, please schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation. CLICK HERE to schedule.

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Donnella Wood, Mental Health Counseling Intern & Somatic Movement Therapist

Donnella is a professional mental health counseling intern from Lewis & Clark College, a Registered Somatic Movement therapist, and has advanced training in Somatic Experiencing trauma healing. For the last 20 years, she has supported individuals in listening more deeply to their bodies and in cultivating the awareness, resources, and tools needed to trust their bodies, live with more ease, and recover from traumas. A long-time meditator, Donnella brings an empathetic and compassionate presence to the therapeutic relationship. She invites individuals to attend and give voice to the places inside themselves that need their attention and care. With attuned awareness and genuine curiosity, Donnella supports individuals in developing the ability to access and trust their body’s intelligence so it becomes possible to relate to themselves and others in a more effective and pleasurable way.

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