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Our Holiday Love Note series is back! We’ll send you daily love and some curated resources to keep you rooted in Body Trust during this challenging time.

You may find yourself anticipating some holiday gatherings.

You may be thinking about how you’ll handle food and the comments from family and friends.

And the siren song of the weight loss industry will soon come calling. 

It’s a lot!

And it’s easy to slide back into old patterns.

Some of you may find yourselves questioning if this path is right for you.

We want to remind you that this work is worth it.

That it’s okay to ask for what you need...and set boundaries.

We want to help you honor your yes’s and celebrate your no’s.

When you sign up below, we’ll send a little support your way - every day - starting November 24th (through January 2nd). And, no worries if you sign up beyond the 24th. You will still receive all 30+ daily love notes!

Remember to look and listen with kindness and curiosity.

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