Hilary Kinavey in Private Practice

hilary“I never thought (in a million years) that I’d get to a place where I was OK with my body (especially at 6 months pregnant)…yet, here I am. But, most importantly, I’ve started enjoying life again. Without your support, this holiday season would be the same as all the others…filled with negative thoughts, harsh criticism, judgement, and comparison. But, this year is different. I’m enjoying Christmas (like a kid again) with my husband and son. We’ve done things that I’ve never had an interest in…like driving the neighborhood looking at lights, making gingerbread houses, baking, doing holiday arts & crafts, visiting Santa and Zoo Lights, etc. I’m so grateful for your help in learning to be truly present. You are the very definition of what beauty means to me – wisdom, courage, confidence, peace, compassion, and authenticity. I look up to you in so many ways. Thank you for having the courage to pave a new road for so many of us to follow. Your work is appreciated…and truly life-changing.”  -Anonymous

“Working with Hilary these past three years has been like having a safe haven. I have a place to go where I am accepted for exactly who I am. Hilary has such a gift at creating a safe space filled with compassion and empathy where I can then show up with full authenticity and vulnerability.  Having this has helped to create fertile ground in which I’ve been able to grow more self-compassion, more self-love, more humor, joy, and understanding about my particular life process and journey. I can’t say how grateful I am for her presence and support in my life.”   -JP

“I have loved working with Hilary since I met her, she offers an explorative and comfortable path for me to start and continue my personal journey on.” -Anonymous

 “Hilary has such a gift at creating a safe space filled with compassion and empathy where I can then show up with full authenticity and vulnerability.”

“Hilary is a wise, patient person and, in the time I’ve known her, she has helped me to deal with many issues.  One of the most helpful though, was my understanding of the concept of “mindful eating”. As simple as that sounds, it has provided me with a much more comfortable life and I am very grateful for her”.  -Anonymous

“It’s hard to think of words that explain how much my counselor Hilary Kinavey has helped me. Every time I talk with her, she meets me right where I am without judgment. She listens to what I say and hears more in it, usually reflecting back more about what is going on than I even realized. She has helped me see so many possibilities about my life that I might have otherwise missed. I am so grateful for the work we have done together.” – Anonymous