Why train with us?

We know the challenges you face. It’s hard to find training in a weight-inclusive approach, and your employer and colleagues don’t quite get it. In fact, maybe you feel isolated in your community or private practice? It’s an uphill battle to believe in Health at Every Size®, attuned eating and Body Trust®, but it is the approach that deeply resonates with you. You are keenly aware of the enormity of weight bias and body shame that permeates our dieting culture.

If you already know us, then you are aware we are a counselor/dietitian team who co-founded Be Nourished, Body Trust® and the Be Nourished Training Institute. We have the experience of creating, owning and growing a successful business, scientifically grounded in a phenomenally refreshing and paradigm shifting approach to healing body shame, cultivating Body Trust®, and developing resilience to pervasive weight stigma.

We have a collective 40 years of experience working as helping professionals. We have sat with and held space for thousands of folks in one-on-one work, group spaces, retreat settings, online courses, trainings, and conferences. We have been business partners for 15+ years, allowing the expression of this healing work to grow organically and with meaning. We are not slick and glossy but authentic and grounded. We believe in healing, in creating change from a deeper place, and in the need to bring social justice and activism conversations into personal and professional communities.

We hope you come to this training feeling aware of and connected to our work and our voice in the world. There are many, many wonderful teachers in the fat acceptance, HAES®, Intuitive Eating and eating disorder treatment world. We believe our work speaks to many, but not all. If you haven’t already, spend a little time getting to know us to make sure Body Trust resonates with you; that this frame sounds healing for you and the communities you serve. Our online course, Promoting Body Trust® in Your Work, is a pre-requisite of the training for this very reason.
Be Nourished Training Institute

Our experience as clinicians includes additional focus areas, which will show up throughout the training. Dana is a Motivational Interviewing trainer and Kripalu yoga teacher. Hilary is trained in EMDR and is a Certified Daring Way facilitator (based on the work of Brené Brown). Dana and Hilary have also been extensively trained in designing and facilitating transformational workshops, and attended the HAES Facilitator training with Drs. Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor.

What REALLY makes our program unique?

Body Trust® is a framework for developing a resiliency to living in a world with weight bias. The focus is on healing body shame and cultivating body trust (not body love, although we are not opposed to body love!).

  • This training is the culmination of 20+ years of clinical and teaching experience, and 15 years specifically developing this language and treatment philosophy—saving you the time it takes to learn all the nuances of this radically different healing paradigm
  • Our approach is inclusive and cannot be marketed as a weight loss program
  • Our scientifically grounded program is rooted in nine Core Elements of a Body Trust practice
  • We emphasize provider embodiment because we believe it is not possible to help clients go further than you have allowed yourself to go
  • Our work encourages people to pause and allows time for healing relationship with food and body (no endorsement of any particular way of eating)
  • Participants will learn to use marketing congruent with the approach; no bait and switch with weight loss or body change language
  • Our program is an integration of a variety of healing philosophies, including but not limited to Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size®, mindfulness, self-compassion, and shame resilience
  • Our work is rooted in a social justice framework with a strong feminist perspective

PrintAm I qualified for this training?

This training is intended to be different from most in that we want it to be multi-disciplinary. There could be participants from many different fields including psychologists and therapists, dietitians, health coaches, yoga teachers, massage therapists, life coaches, naturopathic physicians, etc. People will come to this training with varied skill sets and knowledge, and we welcome the ways this diversity will deepen our shared understanding of the applications of a weight-inclusive paradigm.

It is very important to understand this is not a stand-alone program to prepare you to offer this healing work to others. You must be enrolled or have completed a training program in your discipline to participate.

What if I’m not a beginner at this?

We expect that you will not be alone. You may be well versed in some of what we present and we believe some of it may have a new spin based on our perspective. The intention of this program is to impart knowledge, create community, and provide structured training in this healing paradigm. It offers providers experiential opportunities to explore their own healing and embodiment. Some stuff we discuss may speak to where you are at this moment in your work differently than it would at any other time. We think the questions to ponder are:

  • Is this a Hell Yes or just a maybe?
  • Are you looking to expand your personal growth and healing process?
  • Will this further your calling?

My clients aren’t open to a Health at Every Size approach even though I want to offer it in my practice.

When people seek out Be Nourished, it is common for them to have one foot in the dieting or food addiction paradigm and one foot in this body trust approach. Many have not quite hit diet bottom, the surest sign of readiness for this work, but they are really close! Talking about how to introduce this approach to your clients will be part of this training, as well as looking at how to tell the world about what you do. We have found many people are not aware that this approach exists, and so they don’t know exactly what they would be asking for! Of course, it can be scary to consider such a radical paradigm shift, especially while living in a world full of biased health information. All of this can impact how you introduce an alternative to the status quo. We’ve built a business on speaking the truth, and this message resonates deeply for most. It is possible to offer this work in the world without colluding with the dieting mind or making false promises.

I haven’t taken the provider e-course yet, may I still apply for certification?

You may apply and let us know (on the application for certification) when you will be taking it. We want everyone to have the baseline knowledge offered in the e-course when they show up for the kick off retreat. We recommend starting this course no later than 30 days before the retreat begins.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes. There is a deposit required at the time of registration, and the remaining balance can be split into six monthly payments.

I can’t make it to the retreat. Can I do the other part of the training?

Attendance at the retreat is required to become certified and must be completed before starting the online portion of the training. If the retreat dates do not work for you, we recommend joining us at another time. We plan to offer this training one to two times a year.

How is your training different from others?

This training is offered over 6+ months and contains in-person as well as online training. It is multi-disciplinary with a focus on healing relationship with food and body. We do not endorse any specific food philosophy. We do not promise that the weight will fall away when healing has occurred. We advocate for a society that embraces size diversity.

Although non-diet approaches have very similar skeletons and roots, the expression of the approach differs from person to person. Hilary and Dana have each had 20+ years of clinical experience that informs our work. We support a broad definition of health, and do not lean into personal responsibility rhetoric without considering a social justice framework. Our work is informed by feminist psychological theories and practices, Motivational Interviewing, Brené Brown’s research and work, self-compassion theory, Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size®, and the fat acceptance movement. We are very clear on what we believe encompasses ethical practice and this does not include focusing on weight.

We believe in vulnerability, having difficult conversations, owning our own stories and common humanity. We make mistakes and talk about them. Our bottom line for our business over the years has been to stay curious and honor our own quality of life. We believe in radical self-care for others and ourselves. We will invite your experience, your truth. We will ask you to step into the discomfort of this work with us. Our teaching will support you in celebrating the diversity of people, bodies and lives.

You can read more about what makes our program unique here.

What does it take to become certified?

There are a few phases. See more here.

What other fees are associated with the training program?

There is a training fee ($4,500) and then there is a $350 fee when you apply for certification. The $350 fee will cover the cost of a small consultation group led by either Hilary or Dana to support you as you bring this healing paradigm into the world post training. Every two years there will be a $250 fee to maintain your certification. We are committed to offering quarterly updates on research, theory and practice to support your ongoing education and embodiment of the work.

How much time will I need to complete each module in the online phase of the training?

Plan to spend 2 to 4 hours a week—sometimes less and sometimes more.

Once I’m certified, can I offer this training in Body Trust® to other professional?

No. This training is intended to help you offer this work to your clients. If we find that having more trainers in our approach would be helpful in the future, we will reach out to our community of certified providers and offer training for trainers.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not provide refunds for the Body Trust® Provider Certification Program.

We believe the value of this program will be strengthened by a group of people who feel connected and committed to the training process as a whole.

However, if you are unable to complete the program, you may contact us and request that we transfer your enrollment to a subsequent class so that you may become part of a future cohort when the program is offered again. Please note, that at the time of your request, we cannot guarantee and we may not be able to commit to specific future dates when the program will be offered again.

Will you offer continuing education credits for this training?

We offer CEUs for the in-person retreat portion of this training through the National Association of Social Workers and the Commission on Dietetic Registration. We are happy to provide the documentation needed for other governing bodies. We will update this page when we have more information.

Apply for the program here.