2-Day Professional Training
Location: Keystone Commons, 631 NE 102nd Avenue, Portland, OR

Future dates to be announced.

Explore theories of embodiment and learn how to use
narrative approaches to help people reclaim Body Trust®

Do you know your body story?

What have you done, believed, and performed to help your body survive in the world?

Body stories are missing.

Body stories are essential.

Body stories need reclamation.

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When we make space for body stories, when we get out of the way
so these stories can emerge, healing is increasingly possible.

Clinicians, educators, helpers, and healers: our call is clear. Our expertise is not the medicine that is needed. Our attention to lived experience, story, bodies and inherent wisdom needs honing.

We can no longer talk about body image without complexity. We need stories of survival and disruption to heal.

The body - and the experience of living in one - should be included in coaching, therapy, and medicine, and yet most helpers feel as if they don’t really feel like they know how to help others improve “body image” or how to help people extricate internalized weight bias. It’s frustrating for all of us. When you get to the heart of it, you may also be confused about how to let go of your own body dissatisfaction.

It makes sense if you feel that way.

Body stories have always been a part of Body Trust® work. We believe body stories are essential for liberation based healing. Stories about living in bodies, and especially those with marginalized and targeted identities, are rarely told because they cannot be safely held by the dominant culture. Body stories that involve living in a large body are never heard without the inserted arc of weight loss and diet culture. The culture hands us maps to teach us what aspects of ourselves, our bodies, and our stories are welcome and acceptable. These maps also teach us what parts of ourselves we should keep hidden to avoid shame, harm, and bias.

Our usual leaning on concepts related to body image often lack the breadth and depth to be truly transformative - both individually and culturally. We aren’t finding the answers we need in body image workbooks. We intuitively know we need tools to improve our body image as well as tools for liberation, healing, and acceptance. Stories about bodies, whether they encompass what is acceptable, what is loveable, what is healthy, what is unruly, and what is valuable, are taught to us in almost every facet of our lives. Rarely, in fact, are we, as helpers and as living breathing bodies, invited to examine and tell these stories through a lens of liberation.
Body Trust

Disordered eating, dieting, and weight obsession are normative, all too common, almost more expected than unexpected. The story of fatness, of body weight, of food, and of embodiment are hard to navigate when our internal terrain has only known body blame and hate. Our cultural story about a solution is more about changing, perfecting and improving than healing, accepting and loving. Our narratives need a change to improve the well-being of others.

Our relationship with our bodies is about far more than the held or idealized image of a body. It is a story, it is a relationship. Our body stories contain the points of connection and transition, from birth to the present moment, that have impacted our access to voice, agency, expression, connection, and desire.

In this experiential training, we will unpack narratives about the body and introduce a process for clinicians, educators, teachers, and guides to hold space for the reclamation of narratives that may otherwise be lost to diet culture, assimilatory ideas, the dominant gaze, and fear. Considering developmental and life-span narratives about embodiment and survival, we will explore a deeper and richer way of navigating the relationship with the body that encompasses more than body image.

This two-day workshop is an invitation to dive deeply into a healing paradigm
rooted in a trauma-informed, approach to healing body shame, distrust and blame.

In this training you will:

  • Delve into developmental theories of embodiment
  • Unpack the dominant weight paradigm and discuss weight-inclusive models of care
  • Learn how to use narrative approaches to help people reclaim Body Trust
  • Be introduced to a Body Trust® approach to healing
  • Explore, uncover and listen to body stories
  • Experience the power of presence
  • Develop a liberatory lens for body-centered work

> You want to offer healing work that liberates from the confines of the traditional body narrative.  

> We want to support you in having your work be about getting the problem focus externalized from the bodies of your clients.

> Healing asks for a collective unpacking of what it means to occupy our bodies at this time in our history. Our body stories can lead the way.

> Our body stories are our truth - our resistance - and what we can access to get free.

> Come to this training to widen your lens, deepen your understanding of “body image”, and contribute to radically changing our field.

> Leave with a deepened connection to your own stories and the stories of the people you serve.


$275* for Body Trust® Provider Community

Equity pricing requests available.

Student pricing available. 

CDR and NASW CEUs available

*Lodging not included. Includes snacks, lunch, coffee, tea.

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