Nourishing Bites for Early Fall: Fat Art by Fat Artists


We know that so many people live with body shame and loathing. We look in the mirror and we see our “flaws.” We scrutinize and criticize. We are quick to name the parts of our bodies that we wish we could change. Sometimes we avoid connecting with our bodies at all, because society has been telling us that our bodies are “wrong” or “broken” for so long that we have come to believe it, and being with our own bodies can bring up painful feelings of shame and unworthiness.


Given that we live in a fatphobic society that has a $60 billion a year diet industry fueled by our feelings of dissatisfaction, it’s no wonder that so many of us are caught up in body shame and disconnection.


We are here to remind you that your body is worthy exactly as it is. That every ounce of you is sacred. That all bodies are worthy.



We may not know it from looking at mainstream media, but we want you to remember that we live in a world where there are brand new human bodies that have been here for just a few moments and bodies that have been on this earth for 100 years. We live in a world where bodies tell the stories of ancestors that survived living generation upon generation in deserts, tundras, temperate forests, and savannas. Our bodies hold the stories of our ancestors who may have lived through wars and peace time, migration, ice ages, droughts, slavery, industrialization, times of plenty and times of famine. We live in a world where some people have big soft tummies and fleshy limbs and others have lean bodies with defined angles. We live in a world where some people have thick muscles and sturdy torsos. We live in a world with bodies of many sizes, shapes, genders, and abilities. We live in a world with bodies that encounter privileges and oppressions, traumas, and joys. Our bodies hold so many stories, so many histories, and live in the world through so many experiences. All of our bodies and all of the stories they hold deserve to be honored.


@gproblematica featured on @artifats_collection


We also live in a world where there are artists who do celebrate and honor an incredible array of human body diversity. Artists who want to tell the stories that our bodies hold. Artists who give us the gifts of the incredible beauty where we have not been taught to find it. Artists who illuminate the fierce, tender humanity of fat bodies. Artists who challenge us to see fat bodies in new ways.

@samrawlsarts featured on @artifats_collection


We want to offer an Instagram account we love that may help you see representations of more types of bodies on a regular basis. The three images we’ve featured here are just a small selection of the incredible art curated by the Instagram account @artifats_collection.


They describe their account as “Artifats: Fat Art, Fat Artists – Celebration, Inspiration, Fat Activism. Curating fat art by fat artists who work in a myriad of mediums— photography, sculpture, drawing, tattoos and more!”We invite you to dive in to their account to be inspired to see bodies of all kinds in a new way.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


In kindness,