A little extra support during the holiday season

November is here. The end of year holidays that many of us celebrate are just around the corner. Food is an important part of celebrating around the world.Throughout time, people from all cultures, of all religious backgrounds, have gathered together to celebrate holidays and special occasions with elaborate feasts.

It can be a beautiful thing to share these special meals with people we love. And when we live in a fatphobic culture where diet talk is rampant, many of us experience anxiety around food and our bodies during the holidays. As the New Year approaches, the siren song of the weight loss and cosmetic fitness industries are at their loudest, so diet talk can really ramp up around the holiday season.

Many of us have histories of growing up listening to our family members commenting on each others’ bodies or plates (or both) at the table. We may have heard our family members talk about their diet plans for the New Year while we’re trying to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. We may have had a family member ask if “we really need that” piece of pie or serving of mashed potatoes. We may have had to endure body scrutiny of all kinds from family members for so many years that just the thought of holiday gatherings brings up feelings of shame and anxiety.

As we move into the holiday season, we want to offer you some gentle ongoing support to help remind you that the path of Body Trust® is here for you. Every week through the New Year, we’ll be sending some short, simple emails that we hope will help remind you of the breadth of what Body Trust is and how it can support us all. We hope you enjoy them.

In the New Year, we’ll also be releasing a refreshed free resource for our subscribers, so keep your eye out for that!