No More Weighting: An Exploration of Body Trust® Wellness
November, 28th 2016

A Six-Week Online E-Course
with Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC & Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD

We are all born with trusting connection to our bodies. Somewhere along the way our ability to hear and trust our bodies gets hijacked. We internalize messages from the people in our lives and our culture, and these messages encourage us to try to control our bodies instead of trusting them. All of our efforts to meet these expectations result in our bodies feeling out of control, disgusting, or not even really a part of us.

When this happens we try, and try, and try to fix them. To make them smaller, more acceptable to others…and to ourselves.

Unfortunately, fixing just leads to more fixing. This becomes an endless to-do project that cycles over and over again. We don’t know how to stop it so we just keep trying harder and harder.

Have you ever wondered what might be possible if you decided to trust your body, instead of fixing it?

Our online course will help you come to terms with the obsession, the struggle and the dissatisfaction that have accompanied trying to change your body, your food, and yourself.

Have you ever wondered what you would you be doing in your life if you weren’t “weighting” to live it?

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Join us.

Together we will:

  • Begin a journey towards rebuilding trust with yourself and ultimately, your body.
  • Rethink what the “problem” really is and what your “plan” should be.
  • Teach you about a path that honors your health and your emotional well-being. (this is not the “screw-it” plan)
  • Talk about new ideas, practices, and skills that create a sustainable path to wellness.
  • Treat you with compassion, address you with empathy, and hold space for your truth.
  • Honor all of you: your emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational needs.
  • Discuss the difference between body respect, body trust, and body love.

During this e-course, you will:

  • Identify the parts of you that are ready for change and illuminate the parts of you that need some support.
  • Examine the repetitive cycle that has you feeling stuck.
  • Practice listening to your body for wisdom: whether that comes in the form of hunger, fullness, cravings, desires, or deep longings.
  • Work with ways to tame your inner critic.
  • Practice bringing this new approach into your life, as it is right now.
  • Redefine “success” and make it something deeply meaningful.

This e-course will take place over six weeks via email and in the members only section of our website. You will receive support from us six days a week for six weeks in the form of something to watch, listen to, read, practice or ponder. Your community of classmates will be chiming in about their thoughts and experiences. Dana and Hilary will be there every step of the way, holding space for your process and shining a light to show you the way out.

On the other side of chronic body dissatisfaction is your health, vitality & connection to what you really want your life to express. We can’t wait to hear about it.

Upon registration you will be invited to create a user name and password that allows you to be part of a community that already values your wholeness (just as you are today).

Sign up here!

What will I get?

  • Six weeks of content developed by Hilary & Dana, a therapist & nutritionist team that have offered groups, workshops, and retreats together for over 10 years.
  • A new topic introduced each week with a nearly daily process (we take one day off every week) for learning, exploring, sharing, and internalizing. We will offer videos, audio recordings, readings, journaling prompts, and more to share our paradigm shifting content in bite sized, digestible pieces.
  • Two conference calls over the course of the six weeks where you can ask Dana and Hilary questions. The calls will be recorded if you aren’t able to join at the time they are offered (and you can email questions ahead of time).
  • A community of people who get it, who are walking this new terrain with you. Your community here already believes in you and your body. Priceless, yes?
  • Access to a private Forum community to get into conversation with fellow e-course participants as well as Hilary & Dana. A place to ask questions, share stories, and explore all things Body Trust®.
  • A Be Nourished care package delivered to your doorstep within the first couple of weeks of the course including things like our “weight-neutral zone” door hanger (see pic), a hunger scale check in magnet, “Body Trust® is my Birthright” bumper sticker, among other goodies.
  • After the e-course is done, an invitation to join our Body Trust® Network, an ongoing online support community to continue the practice and share in the love with others traveling the same path.
  • A new way to show up in relationship to yourself and your body, and opportunity to step into parts and places in yourself that have been left behind.
  • An adventure. An opportunity to try different instead of harder. We will be your guides.

We aren’t new at this. We’ve been developing and fine-tuning this work for a long time. We have worked with thousands of people. Want to know what our former group participants are saying about us?

“I just wanted to extend my gratitude and appreciation for this course. I have loved every bit of it, and have been hard on myself for “bailing” when life started to get hard again…but THIS is my biggest life struggle…being kind to myself, viewing myself with kindness and curiosity in a non judgmental manner, and leaning into the discomfort of what is happening.  I have to push through, or I will be lost in the fog forever. And understanding the feelings within myself and my body to know when to rest and when to push has been a very huge struggle for me. Huge! …This has been an eye opening experience.” -EK
“Since I was teenager I have been in therapy, hospitalized and have attended 12-step groups for disordered eating and subsequent depression. I have been on a spiritual path for over a decade and, no matter how many retreats I’ve been on or hours I meditated or processed, freedom from the compulsion of food and the deep hatred of my body has only been tasted in fleeting moments.
I had no idea that the doorway was food. I thought that my relationship with food would shift as I became more healthy or spiritual, which it did but it wasn’t a lasting shift; a paradigm shift that I was searching for. I have been graced to have been shown the door and I have stepped through it. I am discovering a whole, inner world that I have spent a lifetime running from and I am so grateful to be here. It’s new and sometimes very uncomfortable but it’s also joyous and exhilarating.” -HG

“This is, for me, the best program out there. It literally saved me from the destruction of myself and gave me freedom. I am a happy person again.” – AS

“Dana and Hilary expertly and concisely introduce students to a whole new way of looking at their world… relationships, work, play, life goals… in short, clear lessons that you will look forward to each day. If you were lucky enough to get this information, then take the next step and enroll in a fine ‘adventure’ that you will cherish.” – RL
“This group has been informative, supportive, and very helpful. I feel like I’m reconnected to myself and ready to better care for myself. Thank you for all you’ve offered.” – NT
“Be Nourished is a warm and inviting place. The program has forever changed the way I look at food and my life.” – AW

We understand why you might be on the fence. If you have struggled with your body, you may be hesitant to invest more money in yourself, in your body and in change. You might be thinking “Shouldn’t I just be able to do this on my own?”

We know you have already tried so very hard. You have not failed because you can’t do it, it’s because the plans that are out there have failed you (by not honoring all of you). Shift your focus to healing your relationship with food and your body. Consider this an investment in yourself, not the dieting industry. Allow yourself to be supported.

Community is so important.

Kindness is the way out.

Cost: $175. To pay in installments, please contact us at ecourse[at]benourished[dot]org.

No More Weighting is an online educational course and is not a substitution for therapy, nutrition therapy or eating disorder treatment. Depending on your circumstances, you may feel best supported by participating in this course in conjunction with ongoing therapy or other in-person treatment. Click here to read our cancellation policy.