Reclaiming Body Trust
March 11-13, 2018
$209 ($229 after 1/26)

Held at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Detroit OR (Retreat is currently Full)

with Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC & Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD

“Body trust is not in any sense of the word a diet. Body trust is an internally directed process, a gentle way to care for yourself for the rest of your life. Trusting your body means getting in touch with inner signals and letting your body sort out the weight question itself.”

~Dayle Hayes

Developing Body Trust® means unraveling the consuming patterns of body dissatisfaction, dieting, and disordered eating that consistently harm us but are difficult to change. Over time, we understandably lose confidence in our ability to listen to our body’s hungers and needs and turn to so-called experts to tell us what, when and how much to eat and exercise. Many of the behaviors we are encouraged to adopt in the name of ‘health’ (aka thinness or weight loss) are not ones we can sustain because they do not honor all of us (our emotional, physical, spiritual and relational health). It is challenging to learn to trust our bodies in a culture that doesn’t, which can leave us feeling distant and disconnected from our own body and wisdom. Grounded in the tenets of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size®, this retreat will help you regain the connection and trust that is your birthright so that your body becomes a safe and welcoming home.

We will introduce you to the five core competencies of Body Trust® Wellness and through these practices you will discover more meaningful markers of your health– reduced body shame, increased trust with food, more satisfaction and joy in your life– and leave feeling more confident in your own skin with the knowledge and skills to deepen your practice of body trust. We invite you to be a part of a new conversation about health, one that nourishes and celebrates who we are and who we can become… regardless of size, shape, or age.

This retreat will incorporate group discussion and activities, joyful movement and yoga, guided meditations, videos and music, mindfulness experiences, journaling and art therapy in order to offer an alternative dialogue to the conventional paradigm of food, body image, and weight concerns in this culture. After the retreat, you will also be invited to join our Body Trust® Network, an online ongoing support community to help you continue the practice and share in the love with other women traveling the same path.