Six-Week E-Course
No More Weighting: The Body Trust® E-Course
March, 19th, 2018

We are all born with an ability to eat in attunement with our bodies. Somewhere along the way our ability to trust our bodies gets hijacked. We internalize messages from the people in our lives and our culture, and these messages encourage us to control our bodies instead of trusting them. Paradoxically, all of our efforts to meet these expectations result in our bodies feeling out of control, disgusting, or not even really a part of us. Our online course will help you come to terms with the obsession, the struggle and the dissatisfaction that has accompanied trying to change your body, your food, and yourself.

Reclaiming Body Trust
March 11-13, 2018

Many of the behaviors we are encouraged to adopt in the name of 'health' (aka thinness or weight loss) are not ones we can sustain because they do not honor all of us (our emotional, physical, spiritual and relational health). It is challenging to learn to trust our bodies in a culture that doesn’t, which can leave us feeling distant and disconnected from our own body and wisdom. Grounded in the tenets of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size®, this retreat will help you regain the connection and trust that is your birthright so that your body becomes a safe and welcoming home.