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Body Trust® Summit 2020

March 11 - March 17
Cost: $Free



A FREE online conference for folks looking to divest from diet culture,
reclaim their bodies, and explore Body Trust® as a liberatory practice.

In a time when bodies are both targeted and used for currency in health and wellness culture, Body Trust® is a radical revisioning of what it means to occupy and care for your body. It is a pathway to acceptance of the body, an alternative dialogue to the conventional paradigm of food, body image, and weight in our culture. Body Trust is liberatory work that invites bravery and fierce body compassion.

We do not believe the world needs another sales-based summit. We do see folx needing access to information that promotes an alternative paradigm for healing, embodiment and weight-inclusivity.

We want YOU to understand what we mean when we say Body Trust is a Birthright. We want people to connect the dots between social justice and this healing work; to understand Body Trust through the cycle of socialization and liberatory practices.

We want an open discussion about what disrupts body trust, what we reckon with as we explore an alternative to diet culture, and what it means to embody this work.

We want people to think about liberation through the lens of pleasure, as adrienne maree brown says,

“What if it’s a measure of our freedom to reclaim pleasure?”

We want YOU to think of this form of care not as a form of self-care but a form of divestment. Divestment from the patriarchy, diet culture, capitalism, healthism, perfectionism, white supremacy and more.

We want the world to know that healing and anti-oppression work can dovetail. And we want YOU to know your pain is real and all you have done in the name of safety, coping and protection has been meaningful. We want YOU to know the struggle is NOT YOUR FAULT. Your body story is welcome here.

Our hope The Body Trust® Summit will create a sense of community to help you hold yourself – and bodies different from your own – with more love and compassion. We want to open the door for healing and shine a light on all the wisdom that is already present, in you, and in this community of people creating space for an emerging healing collective.

We do not want sales techniques, alienation based on economic status, gimmicks, striving, hustling or endless meaningless cycles that promote disembodied behavior change without paying attention to the lived experience and wisdom inherent in every attendee and speaker.

We cannot wait to get started.

We hope you will join us.


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