Dana Sturtevant in Private Practice

Dana_headshot“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me along the way when things weren’t so easy. I saw a lot of various dieticians and therapists and such over the years but I can honestly say that your approach was different but for me I think it was the most helpful. Often it was “eat x many calories” and “gain x many pounds or else…” and just an overall very discouraging message. It was so nice to be able to speak to you honestly knowing that you would listen and not be judgmental. Disordered eating made me feel incredibly shameful at times and to be able to break that silence and know that I could trust you was such a relief. Thank you for showing me such compassion and gentle encouragement when I needed it most.” – SH

“I walked into Dana’s office a fearful, enslaved and underfed girl. Dana met me with compassion and understanding. She gently and safely challenged the prison I’d created for myself but didn’t actually have to live within the confines of. The way Dana talked about the pleasures of food, of eating for the nourishment of the body and the soul blew my mind. Women had never talked about food this way before! It was sexy and terrifying. I had lived in a world where food was my greatest enemy and my closest friend. I hated my relationship with food and Dana seemed to love hers healthfully. We talked about the texture, temperature and qualities of food, we discussed listening to my body. I learned to hear a voice I’d silenced so long ago. Sometimes the voice would tell me that it wanted green, leafy vegetable and other times it told me to eat cake. It was the most terrifying endeavor in trust. My body, I loathed, how could I trust it? Dana patiently encouraged me to keep listening to what my body had to say and as she held my hand through my process I could hear my body more and more clearly with each and every day. Eventually, I began to reconcile my relationship with food, eating and my body. I began to love satisfying my appetites and treating my body kindly. I learned to discern between hunger for food and hunger for love and connection. I can’t imagine a life without learning the skills Dana gradually asked me to consider. Every day, I utilize the concepts provided to me by her intelligent and compassionate approach. I learned to eat bravely, with freedom and without guilt. I nourish my body now, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt and expressed gratitude toward her for the life-changing model she shared with me so graciously.” – Julia H.

“Thank you for your goodness and shining your light for me, and so many others to cultivate the courage to seek, find and embrace our own light.”

“I came to see Dana Sturtevant with my walls up to Nutritional Counseling due to unhelpful/hurtful past experiences of seeking help in this avenue. I was met with open grace from Dana. No strings attached; no precursor to “performing” according to following a “program” she would lay out. Instead, I was met and am faithfully met with non-judgment no matter what state I am in. Tears well up as I recall and embrace the gift of grace I know I am offered by Dana and Be Nourished. I am learning for the first time, despite my past extensive treatment of in-patient/outpatient/hospitalization, that my whole being: body, mind and spirit, must be honored. Dana has become a treasured, nourishing guide for me. She walks with me, allowing my story to be told which leads me to embrace what true health and nourishment looks like. I now am gratefully showing up, becoming curious, allowing all I am to guide me to LIVE. I am embracing different. I am embracing the grace my body gives despite the hell I’ve put it through. If I hadn’t found Dana and her gentle wisdom of honoring my body, I don’t know… I will not allow my mind to go there. Dana once shared this Anne Lamott quote with me, “The mind is like a dangerous neighborhood, you never want to get caught up there alone”. Life, I want to be part of you. Body nourishment, (yes, food and all), I am learning to like you. Dana, you have given me hope, which allows my fist to unclench and my tight chest to ease with a fuller breath.” – Kimberly L.