We, as an organization, are ever evolving. We are changing. We are growing.  

We recently updated our manifesto to better reflect our values and the work we do at Be Nourished. We see how our firmest beliefs have evolved over the 12 years we’ve been talking about Body Trust®. We know more now. We don’t want to talk about healing without acknowledging how many people have been left out of the conversation. We believe trauma and the ensuing body shame have roots in all body oppression, whether it is related to the color of your skin, weight stigma, your gender expression, your health status or your abilities. We believe healing work is anti-assimilation work–that our work as clinicians is not to norm people to the culture but to liberate stories and voices that have been marginalized, silenced and disregarded.  

We see how healthcare professionals and healers have historically spent more time asking people to bring just the parts of themselves that fit into the paradigm offered instead of the other way around. We want people who choose Body Trust to know there is room for their whole being and that it is our work as providers to make more room. Thus, we continue to highlight healing over “health” and see that if healthcare is not trauma-informed (at a minimum) than we must question whether it can truly be called healthcare.

We are evolving internally and our business is growing and changing as a result. We have a lot to share with you in 2018. Here are some of the upcoming highlights:

  • We are proudly opening applications for our fourth cohort of Certified Body Trust Providers on January 15th. Scholarships are available for folks whose marginalization has prohibited participation in training programs such as ours.
  • Our core competencies no longer feel like they describe the work, so we will soon be revealing the Core Elements and Phases of a Body Trust Practice!
  • Our provider e-course, Promoting Body Trust in Clinical Practice, is being updated in some exciting ways…
    • The name of the course will become Promoting Body Trust in Your Work.  
    • An updated version will be released reflecting our newly updated Core Elements and Phases of a Body Trust Practice.  
    • The course will be available in Spanish very soon.
    • We will have an intensive version of this course available for organizations to use in a self-guided format or with the option of face-to-face training with us.
  • Lastly, we are actualizing a long-held dream to create a Body Story Archive. The Body Story archive will be a unique site housing the true stories about what it means to live in and learn to occupy a body in a culture that doesn’t trust most bodies. These are the stories that don’t get heard or seen. We hope this archive will be a touchpoint for those who are working to externalize body blame, shame, and bias and reclaim the whole of themselves. More information, including the submission process, is available here.

We wish you ample love and connection as you move through 2018.