A golden number "15" with the Be Nourished botanical heart logo intertwined between the numbers and the word "years" contained within the number "5"

The Foundations of Body Trust®

February 9, 2021

This month, we celebrate 15 years of Be Nourished. When we began this work, we knew we wanted to offer something completely counter to conventional “wisdom” about food, bodies, weight, and health. We had no idea where this work would take us or what it would teach us. We’ve facilitated transformational workshops for thousands of…

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Our Process, Commitments & Practices for Justice, Equity & Inclusion

July 19, 2020

We have been spending time assessing the ways we will continue to dismantle white supremacy as it moves through and around us and our business.   In response to the #AmplifyMelanatedVoices campaign, as well as to increase transparency, we want to update you about our process, commitments and practices at Be Nourished. This letter will speak…

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We Can’t Have Body Liberation Without Black Liberation

June 5, 2020

We stand in solidarity with the people and protestors who fight systemic injustice, police brutality, white supremacy, and the destruction of Black bodies and communities. Right now, solidarity looks like listening, believing, donating, feeling, holding space, asking for consent, giving room, reflecting, and having direct and sometimes difficult conversations with people in our lives. We know…

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Wanting to Lose Weight Isn’t Shameful

December 26, 2018

From time to time we like to go through our archives and find some of our shining jewels—blog posts that stand the test of time and still speak to the core of Body Trust® work after several years. This post was originally written in 2016 and we find that it speaks to some of the…

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Gratitude & Appreciation for Chevese Turner, Founder of BEDA

December 20, 2018

In 2008, Chevese Turner founded the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) recognizing the need for an organization to advocate on behalf of individuals affected by binge eating disorder (BED) and the providers who treat them. Chevese is an award-winning activist and speaks regularly about her journey with BED, weight stigma, and the need for recognition…

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