An Open Letter to Brené Brown

November 8, 2017

Dear Brené,I was at your Braving the Wilderness book event in Portland, Oregon earlier this fall. I have purchased and devoured almost every book you have written. I have had in-depth conversations about shame resiliency with my community and friends. I have read quotes from your book to my yoga students (I’m a yoga teacher).…

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Death to the Dichotomy

August 27, 2017

The New York Times Magazine recently featured an article “Losing it in the Anti-Dieting Age: The agonies of being overweight—or running a diet company—in a culture that likes to pretend it cares about health, not size”. A beloved person we know through Be Nourished sent it to us and simply said:  “so many feelings”.  Truth?…

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Be Nourished Training Institute

Let’s Rise Together

April 11, 2017

“I’m saying let’s get super-real with ourselves about how we create authority.  Our challenge, as culture-makers, is to create leadership and possibilities out of our WORK, our IDEAS, and our material contributions. I’m striving, imperfectly, to rise to that.” – Kelly Diels Finding ways to effectively communicate about our work as helping professionals can be tricky. We…

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Why Body Image Work Hasn’t Worked

September 30, 2016

You know how some words just start to bug you because they just lose their meaning? I’ve got a laundry list—self-esteem, body image and self-help are among them. This body image stuff confounds a lot of folks, therapists included. Many clinicians don’t feel well trained in it. They don’t know if what they are doing…

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A Gentle Reminder: Healing Takes Time

June 23, 2016

The more we learn about healing Binge Eating Disorder (BED), the more efficient and proficient the process will become. The more bias and stigma we address regarding BED, the more access we will have to healing. No matter how many BED techniques and advances we make, healing takes time. In fact, in most cases, healing…

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