How to get free from body shame in the New Year

December 30, 2017

It makes sense that you may feel a strong pull to want to make health-related changes in the New Year. For those who celebrate year-end holidays, you may be feeling ready for a change after all the food, family, travel, stress and busyness. This makes sense! However, dieting does not, and here’s why… Dieting is…

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You aren’t typical and your results shouldn’t be either

December 26, 2017

Weight loss strategies never get to the heart of the issue. We’ve talked with so many people over the years who have admitted that weight loss never brought them the feeling of wholeness, liberation, or self-love they were seeking.   In order to get free, we need to heal from the harm done by weight…

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Results Not Typical

December 21, 2017

“Results not typical” is a statement that accompanies dieting and lifestyle advertising for a reason—it’s the only thing that guarantees them truth in advertising. While many diets and “lifestyle” change plans might lead to some weight loss, it is rarely sustainable. More importantly, chronic dieting and disordered eating is a shameful, exhausting existence for many…

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My Body is Not a Billboard

November 30, 2017

Weight Loss Talk in Eating Disorder Treatment Marketing by Mikalina Kirkpatrick I am fat I am fat. By most subjective definitions of the word I am superfat. I live in a world that reviles my body every day. Even at the Binge Eating Disorder Association/ National Eating Disorders Association (BEDA/NEDA) conference I experienced microaggressions daily.…

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Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

November 27, 2017

Happy Holidays! There are many things people consider when buying holiday gifts for the special people in their lives. We wanted to highlight some talented people’s work and offer some ideas, in the spirit of supporting marginalized communities and a just and equitable world. Some Favorites We fell in love with Jennifer Price Davis’s angel…

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