Nourishing Bites

March 29, 2018

The sidewalks and car windshields outside our office are littered with fallen cherry blossoms. Barely-green leaf buds are unfurling along tree branches against pearl-gray skies. Yesterday afternoon we had rain and sun and hail and sun again, all within the space of a few hours. There was probably a rainbow somewhere. And yes, there was…

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So…what is Body Trust? (and our introductory e-course begins soon!)

March 7, 2018

It has been about five years since we began referring to the work we do as Body Trust®. We have been exploring it, learning about it, and teaching it simultaneously, knowing that this is how we learn best. Our introductory e-course (which begins again on March 19th) is one of the places where our participants…

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Weight Watchers New Teen Marketing Plan

February 15, 2018

We hope that you have heard about Weight Watcher’s (WW) new plan to offer free memberships to teens age 13-17.   We are disturbed and outraged. This is predatory marketing. This is not about health. “Lifestyle change” rooted in the desire to change the size, shape and weight of the body is still a diet.…

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January 9, 2018

We, as an organization, are ever evolving. We are changing. We are growing.   We recently updated our manifesto to better reflect our values and the work we do at Be Nourished. We see how our firmest beliefs have evolved over the 12 years we’ve been talking about Body Trust®. We know more now. We…

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There is No Code

January 4, 2018

It is common for people fairly new in their exploration of a Body Trust® approach to food, weight, and health to find themselves returning to a familiar weight loss program or plan in the New Year. It is also extremely common for people to realize within the first week of the New Year that they…

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