The Weight of the World

Nourishing Bites

February 29, 2016

It’s been a while since we shared some nourishing bites… Here are a few pieces from around the web that have been inspiring us of late. Enjoy! The Master Body Positive Resource List! All Bodies Are Good Bodies. Except Mine. More Complicated Than You Think: Eating Disorders & Trans Identities trigger warning – photo choice…

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February 27, 2016

Every now and again, we like to share one of our weekly Body Trust® video messages from our Body Trust® Network. Recently, Hilary sat down to talk about what has been coming up for her: vulnerability. Let us know if you have any thoughts! xo  

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What We Have Learned In 10 Years…

February 12, 2016

This month, we celebrate 10 years of Be Nourished! Our process over many of these years has been finding a language and philosophy while we unraveled our own formal training and internalized shame. Our work has been the result of deeply listening to understand what truly helps a person heal body shame and move towards a more…

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10 Reasons Not to Focus on Your Weight in the New Year

December 20, 2015

Every year, as January approaches, the siren song of the dieting and cosmetic fitness industries are at their loudest. People working to heal their relationship with food and body can feel tempted by all of these hope-filled commercials that say, “it can be different this time.” Few of us are immune, just look at Oprah,…

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Dear Self-Help Gurus

November 10, 2015

Sharing your personal eating philosophies and ambitions is harmful to the very people you intend to help. We aren’t interested in hearing about how you got and stayed off sugar or how going gluten free has changed everything. We don’t need to hear about your latest cleanse or juice fast. The last thing women need…

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