Let’s Talk About Halloween Candy…

“We’d like to encourage parents to calm the f%*k down about Halloween Candy.“ This is something we wrote on Facebook years ago, and within a matter of minutes, it had 50 shares. The post went on to say… “Candy is part of the world, candy will be in your child’s life one day, with or without your approval. Without your … Continued

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What is giving you life right now?

In times like these, it can help to think about what helps us stay present? What fills us up? What connects you to your wisdom? What grounds you in your truth? What gives you life? What lights you up? What makes you feel alive? Music is giving us life. Community is giving us life. Palo Santo is giving us life. … Continued

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It’s true, we don’t tell people what to eat.

Which is an unexpected way to work in a culture filled with food voices, opinions, suggestions and diet gurus. It’s unheard of when much of the mainstream food culture teaches us all to be very weary of food. We have consciously made a choice to swim against this stream. People need to know there is more to talk about than … Continued

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We Can Do Better

Last week, some of you likely read about AspireAssist, the new weight loss surgery device that allows people to purge a third of their meals through an external pump that dumps some of the stomach’s content into the toilet. We were horrified by the news, but unfortunately, not at all surprised. We’ve long viewed the traditional weight paradigm as one … Continued

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It’s not your fault!

Today is International No Diet Day, a day to highlight the harm done by a multibillion dollar industry that has no data, absolutely ZERO long term data, to support it. This industry depends on you blaming yourself over and over again so you keep coming back for more. The truth is the body fights weight loss by lowering metabolism. Some … Continued

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