Intuitive eating

No! Maybe? Okay, you’re right

April 8, 2016

“No! Maybe? Okay, you’re right.”  This is the phrase one client used to describe her experience learning about intuitive eating. The first reaction: No. How could it be? I thought I was doing the right thing by trying to control my food to lose weight. This can’t be true. Restricting and restraining my food cannot…

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Body Trust Revolutionary – Anna Guest-Jelley

November 4, 2015

So in recent months, we have been investing our hearts into building a safe ongoing online support community for past participants of our programs who are bravely walking the path of Body Trust™. It’s called The Body Trust™ Network and it is a place for our community members to find connection on this journey. One of the features…

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Cultivating Body Trust™

August 31, 2015

By Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC & Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD Understanding (and healing) your relationship with food is less about doing it right and more about learning ways to take care of yourself that are enjoyable and sustainable. When we are trying to “fix” our bodies or are pursuing weight loss, we often end up…

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The Journey from Loathing to Loving

August 10, 2015

By Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC & Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD Ten years ago, Be Nourished was born from a desire to have a safe and welcoming space for people to have conversations rich in meaning about their relationships to their bodies. We wanted these conversations to illuminate alternatives to the pervasive dieting culture. We were…

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Standing Your Ground

July 2, 2015

By Dana Sturtevant, MS RD In recent weeks, I’ve been talking a lot to the people who seek our support about the idea of standing our ground, which comes from this Brené Brown quote: “Don’t shrink back. Don’t puff up. Stand on your sacred ground.” This concept is key when working to reclaim body trust…

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