Embodied Practitioner

Reflecting on a Client Encounter

August 23, 2017

Learning Motivational Interviewing is likened to learning to play a musical instrument—it takes time and practice. Attending one or two MI trainings does not make for a skilled MI practitioner. One of the ways we learn is by reflecting on our client interactions. If you have the ability to record and listen to your encounters,…

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Let’s Talk About Higher-Body Weight Anorexia

July 21, 2017

We want to turn your attention to a recent podcact with one of our Certified Body Trust Providers, Dr. Rachel Millner: The importance of recognizing Anorexia in people with larger bodies. If you work in healthcare, are interested in eating disorders, or are a weight-inclusive advocate, this podcast is a must listen. Eating disorder symptoms…

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On Geneen Roth, Sugar, “Do No Harm”, Unicorns and Healing

May 24, 2017

Cultivating Body Trust® includes acknowledging fear-based behaviors and beliefs about food that make it harder to trust yourself. Examples of these might be feeling powerless to some foods (like sugar), or feeling like one must restrain or restrict food in order to feel “in control”. Geneen Roth recently posted a statement on Facebook (in the…

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Helping without Harming

March 16, 2017

We are hearing a lot about gastrointestinal disorders these days. For years, it was leaky gut syndrome. Now SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) seems to be the diagnosis of the day. Researchers are just beginning to understand the complexity of the gut microbiome. While health care providers give lip service to how anxiety and stress…

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Tips for Practitioner Resiliency

February 8, 2017

Dear colleagues, The emotional and physical demands of caregiving, coupled with vicarious exposure to trauma, can strain even the most resilient person. This week, we thought we’d share some ideas for taking care of yourself while caring for others. Create community. Many providers crave space for open, honest, vulnerable conversations to know they are not…

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