Body Trust® Insights

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Training

Holding Space

July 27, 2016

Years ago, I came across this idea that our presence—the way we hold space for people—is the most motivating thing about us. In Motivational Interviewing, we often talk about the spirit and the skills. You can do the skills, like ask open-ended questions, but if you don’t embody the spirit of MI when you ask…

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Body Trust™ Insights With Jenna Abernathy

August 30, 2012

We are thrilled to invite eating psychology coach and Be Nourished friend, Jenna Abernathy, to share her experiences with Intuitive Eating and the journey toward radical self-love. Jenna will be teaching a 5-week Sensual ShapeShift class in our beautiful studio this Fall. Learn more the class here. But first, read on to get to know a…

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