Body Trust® Revolutionaries

A golden number "15" with the Be Nourished botanical heart logo intertwined between the numbers and the word "years" contained within the number "5"

The Foundations of Body Trust®

February 9, 2021

This month, we celebrate 15 years of Be Nourished. When we began this work, we knew we wanted to offer something completely counter to conventional “wisdom” about food, bodies, weight, and health. We had no idea where this work would take us or what it would teach us. We’ve facilitated transformational workshops for thousands of…

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Body Trust Revolutionary – Rachel W. Cole

December 10, 2015

Our Body Trust™ Network continues to grow and expand and we couldn’t be happier. One of the features of the BTN is our interview series with people we like to call Body Trust™ Revolutionaries. A little while ago we sat down with our friend and colleague, Rachel W. Cole, to talk about this path, her self-care…

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Body Trust Revolutionary – Anna Guest-Jelley

November 4, 2015

So in recent months, we have been investing our hearts into building a safe ongoing online support community for past participants of our programs who are bravely walking the path of Body Trust™. It’s called The Body Trust™ Network and it is a place for our community members to find connection on this journey. One of the features…

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