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Rethinking Food Addiction

March 8, 2019

By Mikalina Kirkpatrick with Hilary Kinavey & Dana Sturtevant Food addiction is a phrase you’ve probably heard. It’s been used in a wide variety of contexts, with increasing frequency over the past 40 years, to invoke many of the same ideas believed about drug addiction. New science finds, though, that many widely held beliefs about…

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December 31, 2018

It makes sense that you may feel a strong pull to want to make health-related changes in the New Year. For those who celebrate year-end holidays, you may be feeling ready for a change after all the food, family, travel, stress and busyness. This makes sense! However, dieting does not, and here’s why…   Dieting…

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Wanting to Lose Weight Isn’t Shameful

December 26, 2018

From time to time we like to go through our archives and find some of our shining jewels—blog posts that stand the test of time and still speak to the core of Body Trust® work after several years. This post was originally written in 2016 and we find that it speaks to some of the…

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Gratitude & Appreciation for Chevese Turner, Founder of BEDA

December 20, 2018

In 2008, Chevese Turner founded the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) recognizing the need for an organization to advocate on behalf of individuals affected by binge eating disorder (BED) and the providers who treat them. Chevese is an award-winning activist and speaks regularly about her journey with BED, weight stigma, and the need for recognition…

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10 Reasons Not to Focus on Weight in the New Year

December 17, 2018

⇒ JANUARY 2020 > Watch Hilary & Dana live on Facebook talking about this blog. Every year, as January approaches, the siren song of the dieting and cosmetic fitness industries are at their loudest. People working to heal their relationship with food and body can feel tempted by all of these hope-filled commercials that say, “it…

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