A Call To All Embodied Ones!

“Beauty is not a single image, but the active embodiment and celebration of the self.”

~Carolyn Costin

We have an exciting idea! We are asking for you to re-claim your most hated body part and share it with us in our blog series Embodied: Letters to reclaim the wholeYour willingness to share your body story, your journey from belly, butt, thigh, or arm hatred to body respect, will be a gift to our community.

We are inviting your stories because our rejected & maligned body parts end up being tossed out to be dismantled by the culture’s gaze, perceptions and judgments. The body parts we accept are more likely to be integrated as our own, but the ones that aren’t right, are seemingly thrown to the wolves. Because we dislike these parts of our body based on how they look, we begin to assume and project that the world feels the same, making the task of loving or even respecting these body parts a matter of achieving acceptance from the eyes of others.

Our hearts long to have the layer of shame seen and lifted.
Our bellies, thighs, calves, and arms want to be felt and experienced.

Each of us has an inner girl who does not want to abandon her body’s parts or her innate sense of wholeness. Yet, this is what is happening to girls, very often before they are 10 years old. Our adult selves really want to be done with this shit. Our hearts long to have the layer of shame seen and lifted. Our bellies, thighs, calves, and arms want to be felt and experienced. Our bodies want to be whole. And the world needs us to reclaim. The cultural status quo, your old stories about needing to fix or change, and the buried truths about the feminine are being re-awakened in the next generation of third-grade girls. They need us to be brave and reclaim our bodies.

We want to hear your story about a body part that you’d like to feel better about and make yours again. Free yourself and extend this gift of freedom to another woman who will relate to you as she reads your story. This can be a powerful movement. And we realize that opportunities like this one often show up before we feel totally ready, but with a bit of courage we choose to do it anyway.

We want your letters, essays, videos or collages (.jpeg, please) about your most hated body part and your efforts to reclaim and integrate them into your WHOLE self. We will share them on our blog and you will effectively reach around the world to another woman who will be changed because of the giving of your vulnerability and the time it takes to do this. We believe this is how we can create change for one another.

Please send your submissions to info[at]benourished[dot]org with the subject line, “Reclaiming Our Parts”. We will respect requests for anonymity. We can’t wait to read them all! If you’d like to read the first in the series from Be Nourished’s own Hilary Kinavey as she shares a letter to her belly, please click here. Here are a few submission guidelines:

  • We welcome whatever creative way you are inspired to share your experience: Essays, collages, poems, pictures, videos, artwork, etc. Please send written material in a word document (no more than 700 words please!), and pictures should be in jpeg format. 
  • Submission can be anonymous or you can share your identity.  If you are comfortable with sharing your identity, please include a photo of yourself if you have one and a short paragraph describing anything about yourself you’d like to share with our audience.
  • We are not responsible for the personal responses that may be directed to you as a result of participating. Although we will do our best to monitor and filter out any responses we deem inappropriate. 
  • We reserve the right to edit as needed.
  • Participating in this may be helpful to your personal process but is not a substitute for therapy.
  • Above all, have FUN!