After many years of helping women let go of their preoccupation with food and weight, we know that Body Trust® is the beating heart behind the cultivation of Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating practices. So what exactly is Body Trust?

Body Trust is not a new plan, a gimmick, or a short-term solution. This is an opportunity to turn your attention towards the parts of you that have been shoved aside when you are dieting or trying to fix yourself. We want to re-introduce you to the YOU that is already whole.

Body Trust is a path out of the persistent cycle of dieting, disordered eating, body shame, and endless self-improvement projects. This cycle requires you to blame yourself over and over again. Our programs have been created after many years of listening to others like you who feel stuck, hopeless, and disgusting. We have heard stories about failure, and distrust. We believe in the part of you that is knowing, strong and capable. Body Trust® means you become your own expert, and learn to read the wisdom of your own embodied experience. It is about finding joy and pleasure again.

Body Trust is your birthright.

Kindness is the way out.

If you will have us, we will extend to you our presence and support. We will root for you without hesitation because we know you can have a different relationship with food and your body.

We also know that you have already tried hard. REALLY hard. NOW it’s time for different.

We offer a few programs to help you explore Body Trust:

  • No More Weighting: The Body Trust® E-course (six weeks)
  • Reclaiming Body Trust® (three day retreat)

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