Body Trust Revolutionary – Anna Guest-Jelley

So in recent months, we have been investing our hearts into building a safe ongoing online support community for past participants of our programs who are bravely walking the path of Body Trust™. It’s called The Body Trust™ Network and it is a place for our community members to find connection on this journey. One of the features of the program is monthly interviews with people whom we consider to be Body Trust Revolutionaries. These revolutionaries are leaders of the body trust movement and inspirational people who practice self-love and weight-neutral self-care.

We’ve been so inspired and excited by these interviews, we thought we could start sharing little teasers of these interviews with you! First up is the ever graceful and warm Anna Guest-Jelley, the founder and CEO of Curvy Yoga. In this short snippet, Anna tells of her experience of how she came to Intuitive Eating and how the mindfulness of yoga helped her to find the trust and balance to practice self-love. Enjoy!