The Body Trust™ Revolution


By Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC

It is completely normal to not like (or love) your body and it has become a frightening trans-generational epidemic. Body shame is deeply embedded and culturally sanctioned. And, I think its days could be numbered. You see, I have had the same conversation about body shame with 70-year-old women and 16–year-old women. We have all been duped. If you are reading this and are questioning the worth, relevancy, and value of your body because of your weight, shape, or size, you are not alone. No matter what your weight is it is likely not good enough. Even if you get to the size or shape you deem desirable, you are unlikely to feel like it’s “good enough”. It must be noted however, that your fears and attempts to improve are steering you away from the honest to goodness truth. Dieting and wanting to lose a few are never benign when rooted in unworthiness.

We all have to step into the skin of the fiercely body compassionate to be free.

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