We invite you to watch the short video below to hear Certified Body Trust® Providers and Providers-in-training talk about what Body Trust and this program means to them.

My work is about liberation and social justice. We do not get free without body trust as a core component to this work.

Almost everything I have learned about body freedom and body trust - radically accepting my body - I learned from Dana and Hilary. They have been two of my greatest teachers whose work pushes me to my learning edge. This method of trusting our bodies is designed to meet the needs of all people who wish to use it. This is not a special requirement, for the benefit of only a few. As a fat black woman society has always told me I am too much, and less than, at the same time. Body Trust:registered: and the folks at Be Nourished help to teach that my body, and being just as I am, is powerful, needed and necessary.

- Desiree Adaway, The Adaway Group

Dana and Hilary’s work at Be Nourished is shaped by love—the sort of love that is grounded in compassion and committed to justice. This sort of radical love springs from, and grows, a strong sense of self-worth and clarity of purpose. From this secure place they continually reflect on and develop their own experience and expertise in teaching body trust to individuals and practitioners. Their attention to process and embodiment marks them out from the crowd. If you are looking for a how-to guide with a quick-fix approach to curing body image problems you are in the wrong place. If you are ready to be part of a learning community working together to explore the darkness, stand in the light and figure out how to change where the shadows fall, you have found your people.

-Lucy Aphramor, Dietitian

"I believe in a future world that is more just and compassionate, where health professionals feel confident in their skills to support and motivate others in self-care and managing the injustice. My confidence comes in part from knowing that Dana and Hilary are providing trainings for helping professionals. I look forward to watching our community grow as a result."

- Linda Bacon, Ph.D. Author of Health at Every Size®

Be Nourished is everything I wish for the clinical and social justice world. The focus on whole person healing, the acknowledgment of the realities we are faced with, the holistic integration of nutrition and therapy...all taught with the kind of compassion we need more of. I move throughout this world with more hope simply because Be Nourished exists. There are really no words for my gratitude.

-Jes Baker, a.k.a. The Militant Baker

We have a sacred responsibility and a rare opportunity to help people learn to trust their own bodies and their own inner wisdom. This is the human face of social justice; to support a diverse array of individuals to learn how to deepen their relationship with their own physical selves and to live in a peaceful co-existence with food. The Body Trust Provider Certification Program will help you understand issues at the core of this work, and gain a new competence in helping your clients heal their relationships with food, the body and a world that misrepresents both.

Many of us aren’t even aware of the weight and size biases that we ourselves carry.

And there is very little, if anything, in our traditional training that teaches us the specific skills and techniques we need to work with people in a weight-inclusive way.

We desperately need the reflections and work of curious and compassionate practitioners who have clarity around what’s happening in the culture, and the skills to guide us back towards each person’s inner wisdom.
If you have ever struggled to support a client in your practice, been at a loss for words how to help, and you have wanted a training program to teach you competence in this field in an inclusive and welcoming way, then you will love this program. Hilary and Dana are skilled teachers, with the kind of congruence and integrity that is trustworthy and inspiring.

Doing this brave and necessary work will teach you how to support your clients to belong more fully in their bodies and thus to live more fully in the world.

- Carmen Cool, MA, LPC, President of ASDAH

Prior to starting the Body Trust provider training, I thought I had healed my relationship to food. I have found new areas of focus for personal development through my studies in the training curriculum, and new language for my experience. Dana and Hilary's program is providing me a distinctly unique blend of the most up-to-date research and information available to incorporate into a weight-neutral approach to healing the relationship between food and body. Dana and Hilary understand that above all, each and every person already has the capacity for deep healing, and they are providing me with invaluable resources to aid my efforts as a helping professional along the path. The expertise Dana and Hilary have gained over the past 10+ years sets their training program apart from other methods I have encountered; Body Trust is the most comprehensive approach to facilitating deep personal transformation around the relationship between body and food that I have encountered in my 8+ years as a mental health professional.

-Andrea Johnson

In addition to meaningful, current, precise, and rich content, the certification course has been an avenue to deepen my own commitment to the work of Body Trust. I consider the training a piece of my own professional self-care in that it supports and gives me confidence in the work I do, provides opportunity for personal reflection, and pushes my own edges. It has provided a safe container in which make priceless contact with other activists, warriors, peacemakers, and revolutionaries who match my level of passion and calling to this work and who are also willing to be in their own process and share it. I am beyond grateful I did not let my fear and habit of playing small stop me from pursuing this certification. I am so humbled to be learning amongst those on the frontlines of bringing the paradigm of Body Trust to the world.

-Jennifer DiGennaro

It is a life changing, rock-your-world experience, and the best gift you can give yourself, personally and professionally. Hilary and Dana are kind and generous, and experts at holding space for vulnerability, courage, and transformation. They have created a truly special and unique community and program. I think the most special bit for me is that it is truly embodied and intersectional learning, which is radically different to most professional trainings out there.

I loved the acceptance I received from the very beginning both as a person and my profession. I loved being a part of a group of people that are willing to see that diet culture is really harmful and to be a vocal participant in shifting that paradigm. I also love how vulnerable everyone was and has continued to be and the close bonds that were forged. Very special.

I'm an introvert so I'm always nervous walking into a group where I don't really know anyone. I was nervous that I didn't belong as my other profession isn't an MD, ND, PhD, RD, or anything "science-y." I was nervous that I wouldn't have a professional voice or discover that my professional voice didn't really mesh with Body Trust. I was nervous that I would be so triggered that I would shut down and not be able to continue. Oh, how that evolved! All of my nervousness was 100% unfounded and the week was truly magical in every way. My professional perspective was confirmed to me as valid both by the argue against (people resist what hits too close to home) as well as by an expert. The retreat was an excellent bonding experience for this very emotional work.