Body Trust® Provider
Certification Program
Six-Month Training

This is your invitation to help bring a radically compassionate healing paradigm into the world.

(Retreat will now be online via Zoom)
Applications will open in July 15!

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Body Trust Certification Program

Promoting Body Trust® in Your Work
is a pre-requisite
online course for this training.
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We believe…

in the possibility of a body-compassionate and weight-inclusive world.

that healthcare communities can do better.

healing is a practice…and that it is possible to develop the resiliency needed to live in a world filled with weight bias.

there is a network of clinicians and healthcare professionals who want
to offer an alternative to diet culture.

You feel called to this work because of a desire to know it from the inside out.

You want to be a champion and advocate for your clients.

We see you. We get it. Our work has been just this.

We want to help you to love your work more than ever.

Our certification program is a rare opportunity to receive the training and support needed to bring a compassionate healing paradigm into the world.

Hilary & Dana share insight
into the Certification Program

BT is...

Learning how to practice from a weight-inclusive perspective can feel haphazard. Many training programs fail to adequately question and challenge the dominant weight paradigm. Providing an alternative approach to dieting can take time to learn and feel confident in, even if this has been part of your own path to healing. While many practitioners find themselves attracted to Health at Every Size® and the body liberation movement, most are unclear about how to translate this framework into clinical practice. Guidance about how to do this often feels elusive, and when everyone else is firmly rooted in the traditional weight paradigm, offering this approach can feel isolating. Sometimes you may feel like the only one in your community who really gets it.

Register for Promoting Body Trust in Your Work (a pre-requisite online course).

If I pursue this, there would be so much to unravel, so much to unlearn.

- Sue Monk Kidd

This program offers both structure and a container for learning how to speak this language while unlearning what has been harmful, painful and frankly, not helpful. We believe our training will amplify your calling, your passion and your purpose. Mostly, we want you to feel confident and fluent in this work.

Body Trust® is a weight-inclusive approach that helps people heal relationship with food and body, understand and build resilience to body shame, all while living in a world with pervasive weight stigma. Our scientifically grounded methodology has many roots, including Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, Motivational Interviewing, fat acceptance, shame resilience, courage and worthiness, mindfulness and self-compassion practices, and much more, all within a social justice framework. We have spent 13+ years together learning, teaching and fine-tuning our approach.

You imagine the world can change. We see that it can. And together, we can widen the lens on what healing means, and begin to assert the worthiness of all bodies.

Feel confident offering an alternative to the status quo

Develop a bank of language with which to comfortably articulate and share this paradigm

♦ Anticipate the challenging conversations and scenarios that are bound to come up and know how to stay firmly rooted

♦ Be able to personalize this work – to their expertise, community, and scope of practice

♦ Know, from the inside out, the complexities of a Body Trust approach

♦ Walk their talk

♦ Have the capacity to help people cultivate Body Trust

♦ Be connected to a core group of multidisciplinary Body Trust® practitioners that will be available for empathy, brainstorming, networking and connection

My work is about liberation and social justice. We do not get free without body trust as a core component to this work.

Almost everything I have learned about body freedom and body trust - radically accepting my body - I learned from Dana and Hilary. They have been two of my greatest teachers whose work pushes me to my learning edge. This method of trusting our bodies is designed to meet the needs of all people who wish to use it. This is not a special requirement, for the benefit of only a few. As a fat black woman society has always told me I am too much, and less than, at the same time. Body Trust® and the folks at Be Nourished help to teach that my body, and being just as I am, is powerful, needed and necessary.

- Desiree Adaway, The Adaway Group

The format we have created for this certification program allows for deep, rich learning. You will be invited to incorporate your lived experience with our curriculum to establish your own solid foundation, so you can feel fluent and confident. Becoming a Certified Body Trust® Provider will send a signal to potential clients that you embody a framework that is inclusive and truly health promoting.

This work is one part healing, one part activism, one part theory, and one part embodiment (maybe more than one part of that!) with a healthy side of personal work. We want to share the knowledge and wisdom that has come from our outside-the-box approach to healing body shame and disordered eating. The training is designed to support clinicians who want to be ready to stand their ground and work in disagreement of the traditional weight paradigm and the unethical treatment of people based on size.

May 2019 (Cohort 6): Body Trust® Providers in Training

Cohort 6

Dana and Hilary’s work at Be Nourished is shaped by love—the sort of love that is grounded in compassion and committed to justice. This sort of radical love springs from, and grows, a strong sense of self-worth and clarity of purpose. From this secure place they continually reflect on and develop their own experience and expertise in teaching body trust to individuals and practitioners. Their attention to process and embodiment marks them out from the crowd. If you are looking for a how-to guide with a quick-fix approach to curing body image problems you are in the wrong place. If you are ready to be part of a learning community working together to explore the darkness, stand in the light and figure out how to change where the shadows fall, you have found your people.

Lucy Aphramor, Dietitian

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How do you know if this program is right for you? Well, you probably……

> Want truth and social justice work to intersect with your clinical work

Feel ready to explore a weight-inclusive paradigm that promotes well-being for ALL BODIES. Every. Single. One.

Believe in healing and feel a call to be brave in your work

Are willing to be vulnerable in regards to your own healing and sit with discomfort (This program will bring up your stuff!)

Are frustrated with the traditional weight paradigm and want an alternative

Feel called to help end weight bias so the world is a safer place for people of all shapes and sizes

This program is not a good fit for you if:

You plan to offer and market weight loss solutions

You believe strongly in a specific food philosophy and want to promote this lifestyle in your work (i.e., Vegan, Paleo)

You endorse cleanses and fasts

You believe you are “done” with your own personal healing process

You do not already have training as a helping professional. (This course is not intended to be a stand-alone training. It is meant to enhance the training you have and give you a way of working with people to heal body shame.) You may, however, join us if you are concurrently enrolled in a training program

You do not believe in holding space for process

You don’t want to teach mindfulness or attunement based practices

You like to be the expert and tell people what to do

Intersectional feminism theory and social justice are not part of your core values*

*The foundation of this program is built on an orientation to social justice that centers the voices, lived experiences, and needs of the people who are experiencing marginalization and erasure. Intersectionality, a concept developed by Kimberlé Crenshaw, is a framework with which to examine the dynamics that emerge from co-occurring identities, and names the interconnectedness of all oppressions. In the case of feminism, an intersectional lens asserts that to hold the identity of “woman” is not homogenous and the lived experience varies by other factors such as race, class, sexuality, ability, etc. In this training program, we will be examining our individual identities and positionality as we navigate being in a learning community together.

What does this training include? How does it work?

This training program has an in-person AND online component; both are included in the price and are required to be eligible for certification. The in-person portion will take place in a retreat format in Portland, Oregon. The online training will unfold over 25 weeks. We want you to have an opportunity to sit with and study this approach—not over one quick weekend or in a conference setting—but through a slow drip of meaningful information for your life and your practice. We want you to take the time needed to bring an embodied, personal and integrated approach to learning, much like we ask of our clients.

Partial scholarships are available for people whose marginalization has prevented participation in training programs such as this.  You can read more about our scholarships here.

We invite you to watch the short video below to hear Certified Body Trust® Providers and Providers-in-Training talk about what Body Trust and this program means to them.

In addition to meaningful, current, precise, and rich content, the certification course has been an avenue to deepen my own commitment to the work of Body Trust. I consider the training a piece of my own professional self-care in that it supports and gives me confidence in the work I do, provides opportunity for personal reflection, and pushes my own edges. It has provided a safe container in which make priceless contact with other activists, warriors, peacemakers, and revolutionaries who match my level of passion and calling to this work and who are also willing to be in their own process and share it. I am beyond grateful I did not let my fear and habit of playing small stop me from pursuing this certification. I am so humbled to be learning amongst those on the frontlines of bringing the paradigm of Body Trust to the world.

-Jennifer DiGennaro


Phase 1: Research Our Work

> Read through our website and our blogs.
> Register for Promoting Body Trust® in Your Work (pre-requisite online course).

Phase 2: Apply

Complete the application.
> Once accepted, register and choose your payment plan.


Phase 3: Prepare for the Training

> Complete the Promoting Body Trust® in Your Work e-course.
> Read a few articles that will be sent to you upon registration.
> Attend a mandatory Pre-Retreat Zoom Call to learn about the cycle of socialization, how identities impact how you see the world, and what it takes to develop a liberatory consciousness.

Phase 4: Kickoff Retreat

> Participate in a four-day kickoff retreat.

Phase 5: Online Training

> For 25 weeks, you will receive a new lesson filled with videos, readings, activities and exercises to deepen your understanding and practice of Body Trust®. We will meet twice a month on a web-based conference call (schedule forthcoming) where we can see each other, talk about the material, case consult and discuss clinical application and integration. You will also connect with and discuss course materials with your cohort in an online forum.

Phase 6: Consultation Group

> When your training is complete, you are officially eligible to apply for certification. What’s involved? Join five other candidates for a web-based supervision group facilitated by Hilary or Dana. There will be a total of five meetings specifically for integration and consultation (four of these must be attended). The fee for application and group consultation is $350.

PrintFinal Phase: You’re a Certified Body Trust® Provider!!!

> Begin to market yourself as a Certified Body Trust® Provider with our logos and branded materials. You’ll be added to our referral list, and receive updates to keep you current on research and supportive materials. You’ll also be able to connect with us, and your community of Body Trust Providers, on quarterly conference calls and on our private Facebook and Listerv groups. Your certification is good for two years, and you can renew for a $250 fee.

We have a sacred responsibility and a rare opportunity to help people learn to trust their own bodies and their own inner wisdom. This is the human face of social justice; to support a diverse array of individuals to learn how to deepen their relationship with their own physical selves and to live in a peaceful co-existence with food. The Body Trust Provider Certification Program will help you understand issues at the core of this work, and gain a new competence in helping your clients heal their relationships with food, the body and a world that misrepresents both.

Many of us aren’t even aware of the weight and size biases that we ourselves carry.

And there is very little, if anything, in our traditional training that teaches us the specific skills and techniques we need to work with people in a weight-inclusive way.

We desperately need the reflections and work of curious and compassionate practitioners who have clarity around what’s happening in the culture, and the skills to guide us back towards each person’s inner wisdom.

If you have ever struggled to support a client in your practice, been at a loss for words how to help, and you have wanted a training program to teach you competence in this field in an inclusive and welcoming way, then you will love this program. Hilary and Dana are skilled teachers, with the kind of congruence and integrity that is trustworthy and inspiring.

Doing this brave and necessary work will teach you how to support your clients to belong more fully in their bodies and thus to live more fully in the world.

– Carmen Cool, MA, LPC, former President of ASDAH

What will you learn…

As a Certified Body Trust® Provider,
you’ll be able to…

  • Identify and market yourself as a Certified Body Trust Provider
  • Use our recognized brand, including the Certified Body Trust Provider and Body Trust logos
  • Access our “Body Trust Professional Tools” for your practice
  • Attend quarterly Conference Calls to ask questions and discuss cases
  • Receive updates to keep you current on materials, research, etc
  • List your practice in our Certified Body Trust® Provider Directory
  • Purchase products and swag at a discounted price
  • Participate in our online community of providers  


We know you have some questions… 

check out the frequently asked ones.

Want to know more about us and what REALLY

makes our program unique? We’ve got answers.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to email info[at]benourished[dot]org.

I’m ready! What’s the bottom line?


Early Bird Pricing: $3,500 (Applications received first 5 days apps are open.)
Promotional Pricing: $3,750 (Applications received next 7 days apps are open.)
Regular Pricing: $4,000 (Applications received remainder of time apps are open.)

Payment can be made in full or we offer six to twelve month payment plans.

Pre-requisite e-course (Promoting Body Trust® in Your Work): $125
Cost for Required & Recommended Reading
Consult Group & Final Certification Fee: $350

*Training cost has been reduced by $500 since we have moved the kickoff retreat from in-person to online.

Click on our printable program brochure below.


How do I sign up?

To apply you will fill out an application, and we will follow up with you within in a few weeks of your submittal.
If you are accepted, we will be in touch with a registration link and more information.

There are a limited number of spots available in each cohort so we encourage applicants to put some thought and time into their application.

Wondering about scholarships?

In an effort to include the wisdom and expertise of people who are often excluded or unable to participate in trainings such as the Body Trust® Provider Certification Program, we offer five partial scholarships per training cohort. Find details about scholarship and application process here.

We are looking for people who think what you think and know what you know.

Bodytrust.tatYou know the dominant paradigm isn’t serving people and is, in fact, more harmful than helpful…

You don’t know exactly how to have the conversations you want to be having…

You want to focus on healing rather than the conventional wisdom that narrowly defines health…

You want to embody and practice this work in your day to day life…

And your vision is to help liberate others from the confines of body shame so they can live their lives unapologetically…

Then let’s join together and launch the Body Trust Revolution in our lives, our practices and the world.

Your first step: Our application will help you reflect on the impact this training could have on your life. 

We truly can’t wait to share this journey with you.

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