Body Trust® Insights with Liz Gow


Liz, thank you for your courage, your vulnerability, and your beautiful heart! It is a blessing to have your presence here.

I was so surprised by just how much I have been entrenched, and still am influenced, by the diet mentality. I had not realized that and how much I have been body checking.


What brought you to Be Nourished?

I really liked and appreciated the language being used, body trust, weight neutral the idea that the
person is not the problem, the problem is the problem and how we are shaped by many things,
strongly aligned with my values and my training in narrative therapy.

I valued and appreciated the language of compassion and kindness and the honoring of many of
our parts and the desire to connect as a whole no matter what shape, size. I love that the person is


What has surprised you the most as you have practiced Body Trust® Wellness?

I was so surprised by just how much I have been entrenched and still am influenced by the diet mentality. I had not realized that and how much I have been body checking. My relationship with food and my body has improved over the years and because of Be Nourished and there is so much more that I can do and so have clarity on how to move forward.


What are three things you feel are most important to remember when moving towards body-

1. Compassion, kindness.
2. Remembering it is a curious process and it will take time with lots of ‘hiccups’.
3. This approach leads to true peace, contentment and joy and ability to deal with all emotion as they come with life’s rhythm.


How has your body, just as it is, helped you survive in the world?

My body has been incredible although I have not felt this for many years. She has protected no matter what and has adapted over the years. She holds scars to prove how flexible she has been and kept me safe in some ways.

I guess she has been a communication to others in ways I could not have appreciated and to me when I have learned to listen to her more and more. I cannot believe how in wellbeing we are considering what I have put her through. She is pretty amazing.


What is your favorite way to celebrate the body you are in today?

One way is to have a massage, have a smelly bath with candles. I use hand cream and body lotions and nice smellies in the shower. I love walking outside and see this as a celebration as one time I could not walk too far without being in pain. Oh perfume, love perfume.


What is your favorite food and how do you like to enjoy it?

Um, interesting. I really enjoy yummy vegetarian food, I am not vegetarian but I like textures and so the crunchiness of nuts, textures of quinoa, rice, vegetables, salads and dressings. Will learn to make them at home. I enjoy cheese cake and will have it on a nice plate with napkins. Working progress. I really enjoy pizza made with tortilla and pesto at home, one of our favourites.


What brings you back to the practice of Body Trust® when you get away from it?

I start to notice that I can feel emotional or being hard on myself then I check in with what is going on. I am learning the inner critic for me at the moment has a quieter voice and can catch me out, only because I can hear it more easily and so can let it go more easily or challenge it. I love that Body Trust® has so many tools that are real and the biggest one is our own body.


Self-compassion means…

Having kindness and caring in a way you would for another. It is non-judgment, patient, curious, fun and at times in the darker moments can hold the sense of being with love. It is immense and leads to freedom, acceptance, contentment no matter what.


What is inspiring you right now? (book, music, blog, etc)

It is Be Nourished mainly, the course, blogs, quotes. I cannot wait to do the Body Trust® provider training and working with clients inspires me so much because I can then bring this approach in a more knowing way to them.


Favorite quote or poem?

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says Im possible!” Audrey Hepburn


Any words of wisdom for someone who is just getting started? What would you have liked to
know when you were new to the practice?

I would have loved to have known how the tyranny of food, the diet mentality and the biomechanics of food mess with you and that diets truly don’t work and why. I get the other aspects emotional, psychological etc.

I guess at some stage to know how they arrived to such a place in a non-judgmental way and to start to implement new ways of being to strengthen a person not just focusing on food and the body, teaching other coping skills.

I would want others to know that this is a hard path but they are already in pain and discomfort anyway they might as well use that for freedom and not perpetuating. There are many things but these things helped me detach a little from shaming myself and calling myself names for being incompetent.

I would want them to know that there is a way through, they are not on their own and they so deserve to feel good about who they are no matter what.