In congruence with our equity pricing option, Body Trust® Provider Certification Program applicants* are invited to name a price and propose a payment plan that will make the entire training a possibility for them.

*In an effort to include the wisdom and expertise of people who are often excluded or unable to participate in training such as the Body Trust® Provider Certification Program, we offer five partial scholarships per training cohort. We see how necessary it is to increase training opportunities for people experiencing marginalization, as the voices and experiences of non-white people, gender variant folks, fat folks and/or people with disabilities have been absent and minimized in the eating disorder field, healthcare and wellness professions. Helping professionals representing these communities are desperately needed.  

In the scholarship selection process, priority will be given to people with marginalized identities. To apply for a scholarship through Be Nourished, you will complete two forms:

  1. Complete the program application and note in the application that you are also applying for a scholarship.
  2. Complete the scholarship application form below.
    Scholarship applications for Cohort 9 will be open July 15-25, 2020.)