Explore Your Body Story

What is a Body Story?

It's a lot like it sounds… it's the story of your body as you experience it.
It is the story about what it has meant to live in your body.

We all have a story.

We believe it is hard to be nourished in a culture that doesn't trust your body.


Our bodies have been with us our entire lives through everything we've done. Every breath we've taken. Every beat of our heart. It has survived our scrutiny, our shame. It has been impacted by the oppressive ideas that have been fed to us. It has changed with our relationships, our loves, our fears and our struggles. It has survived living in a culture that encourages many to act violently upon their bodies in order to try to fit into a narrowly defined standard of acceptance. It has underscored your very perception of what it means to be you, and to be alive.


Our body has been our constant companion, changing over time, with us.
It holds the story of our lives.

Perhaps your body story is an expression of the history of your people. Perhaps your body story is best told through the way it feels to be in it. Maybe your story is centered around your efforts to claim it.

Your body has its own story and it deserves to be told and heard.

"I've been thinking about how our desires and fears manifest in our bodies, and how our bodies, carrying these stories, resist the narratives our culture places on top of us, starting the moment we are born. It's our idiotic minds that overwrite everything. But the body has a point of view. It keeps its secrets. Makes its own stories. By any means necessary."

- Lidia Yuknavitch, The Book of Joan

There is power in writing our stories down. There is power in being witnessed and in sharing our body stories with others who might feel unseen, underrepresented, unheard and isolated in a world of homogenous stories.  There is healing power in giving the gift of your story to yourself, and to those who are sorting through their own, reckoning with and reclaiming pieces and parts.

There is power in saying together:
This is what the truth looks like.

We do this by making the invisible visible. By making pain public.
By celebrating our own lives and bodies without edit or apology.

We want to know the story of your body.

Where does it begin for you?

We want to hear your story. We believe it is needed.

Are you thinking about exploring your body story? Are you all in?

Write, speak, begin to draft the story you want to tell. Create what you want to tell in your own words, images, or however you want to tell it (written, audio, video or mixed media). It's your body and your story to tell.

Here are some prompts to get you started.

Know that you are making a difference when your body story is shared. If you feel compelled to send to us, we'd love to hear from you (send using your real name, a pseudonym, or completely anonymous).

The arms and face of a plus size woman in her 30s are shown in this close-up. Her ethnic heritage includes Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Tongan. She has brown skin, tattoos and thick, curly and wavy black hair. Her arms are bare, and she may be nude. She's lying on a bed and relaxing while smiling and at ease.

Your story is just about you.
Tell the story of your black, brown, white, tall, short, thin, fat, able, crip, sick, privileged body.
Tell how you learned to survive.
Tell about the struggle.
Tell the story that you have always needed to hear.

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