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A little extra support during the holiday season

November is here. The end of year holidays that many of us celebrate are just around the corner. Food is an important part of celebrating around the world.Throughout time, people ...
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Let’s talk about Halloween Candy…

Dear Body Trust Community, From time to time we like to go through our archives and find some of our shining jewels—blog posts that stand the test of time and ...
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Nourishing Bites for October

The leaves on the trees are turning red and yellow and orange and brown, and the afternoon light is getting that magical golden feeling that only happens in the fall. ...
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We believe survivors: The stories you hold in your body matter.

At Be Nourished, we believe survivors. We believe survivors’ stories. We believe survivors’ pain. All survivors. In all bodies. Body oppression takes many forms. Power is exerted and abused in many ways. We are ...
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Nourishing Bites for Early Fall: Fat Art by Fat Artists

We know that so many people live with body shame and loathing. We look in the mirror and we see our "flaws." We scrutinize and criticize. We are quick to ...
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