The Not-So-Sexy Origins of Body Shame

Body Trust® is something we are born with and somewhere along the way it gets hijacked — by the culture, our parents, and health care providers to name a few. We never consent to this. We are far too young to know what is going on when the narrative about our bodies starts to change. So over time, we internalize … Continued

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Nourishing Bites

The sidewalks and car windshields outside our office are littered with fallen cherry blossoms. Barely-green leaf buds are unfurling along tree branches against pearl-gray skies. Yesterday afternoon we had rain and sun and hail and sun again, all within the space of a few hours. There was probably a rainbow somewhere. And yes, there was snow in the valley the … Continued

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Announcing Promoviendo Confianza Corporal en Tu Trabajo

We are so very pleased to announce that we now offer “Promoting Body Trust® in Your Work,” our e-course for helping professionals, in Español! We have been working on this project for many months and we are so grateful to Dr. Lilia Graue, one of our Certified Body Trust Providers, for her tireless and diligent translation efforts in helping us … Continued

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I Am A Person Reclaiming Body Trust®

By Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD & Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC I am a person reclaiming trust in my body. My hunger, my appetites, my longings, my skin, my bones, my size are mine for the taking. I take back my worthiness, my belonging in the world of beautiful and diverse beings. I live without apology for the straight lines and … Continued

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So…what is Body Trust? (and our introductory e-course begins soon!)

It has been about five years since we began referring to the work we do as Body Trust®. We have been exploring it, learning about it, and teaching it simultaneously, knowing that this is how we learn best. Our introductory e-course (which begins again on March 19th) is one of the places where our participants show us again and again … Continued

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