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What is Body Trust, part 3

Jan 13 2022

What is Body Trust? Part 3

My hunger, my appetites, my longings, my skin, my bones, my size are mine for the taking. I take back my voice, my agency, my worthiness, my belonging in the ...
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What is Body Trust? Part 2

Dec 31 2021

What is Body Trust? Part 2

Body Trust is an invitation to bring a radically different healing paradigm into your life and into the world. Holding up a mirror to what you have been taught to ...
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Two kids trick-or-treating at the front door of a house decorated for Halloween.

Oct 28 2021

Let’s talk about Halloween Candy…

“To all the parents out there, please calm down about Halloween Candy. Despite popular belief, sugar is not addictive. Candy is part of the world, and candy will be in ...
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Oct 18 2021

What is Body Trust? Part 1

Our collective fails to understand the role discrimination, stigma and oppression play in people’s emotional and physical well-being.  We fail to see how conversations about health often bypass the social ...
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two white people and one Black person sitting around a table in conversation

Mar 26 2021

What We Want You To Know About Eating Disorders

There’s a lot of work the eating disorder field needs to do before we better serve the diverse community of people who suffer with eating disorders around the world. It ...
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