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WW is Priming Our Kids to Become Lifelong Customers

We are horrified to see that Weight Watchers (don’t be fooled by the WW name) has launched an app called Kurbo to teach kids 8-17 how to diet to become ...
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The Reckoning & The Reclamation

Y’all know by know that we believe Body Trust® is a birthright. We are born embodied beings, feeling at home in or at one with the body. Somewhere along the ...
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Rooting Self-Care in Weight Neutrality

People have remarked over the years that it is one thing to believe in Body Trust® for everyone else, and it’s another thing to figure out how to make it ...
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Phases of Moving Towards a
Body Trust® Practice

We’ve decided to record a little video series for our beloved community to help you learn more about the Core Elements and Phases of a Body Trust® Practice.   In ...
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What Happens When You Put a Kid on a Diet
By Rachel Millner, Psy.D, CEDS-S, CBTP

We, as a culture, are having a difficult time naming and understanding the impact that a dieting and weight loss focus is having on our children. It is essential that ...
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